Nine Steps to Get Glowing Skin for Your Wedding!

by Jenny Bryde 15. March 2015 16:07

Hopefully, you are reading this article months before and not moments before your wedding.  Having beautiful skin is a key to being photog ready, but it is something not all of us are blessed with.  The good news is that with a little routine and mindfulness, you can have dramatic improvements in your skin tone and quality.  Here's how:


1) Wash your face at night.  Get the daily grime off so that your skin can rest and repair while you slumber. A freshly washed face will also help keep the oils off of your pillow which could cause additional acne and irritation.

2) Use a gentle cleanser and possibly a toner to remove all traces of dirt and make-up from your skin. 

3) Use and intensive moisturizer at night time and a lighter one for during the day.  Don't forget the SPF!

4) Gently exfoliate when needed.  About once a week should do the trick to remove dead skin cells. 

5) Leave your face alone!  Do not pick or pop pimples as this can make them worse!

6) See a dermatologist if what you're doing at home isn't working well enough.  He or she may be able to give you a prescription to something stronger than what you would find at the drug store. 

7) Stay hydrated!  Drink plenty of water so that your body is able to flush out toxins.  

8) Eat a healthy diet that is low in sodium.  Salty foods cause your body to hang on to water causing your skin to be puffy and look irritated.

9) Take a daily vitamin to be sure that you're receiving all the nutrients your skin needs.



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How to Make Your Skin Glow on the Big Day!

by Jenny Bryde 20. April 2010 11:25

This weekend we finally had our engagement pictures taken!  That was a big check that I was able to make on our To Do list.  I even made the check sound effect which is somewhere between a "tsk" and a "ding".  (My fiance asked me if my check was more effective with or without a sound effect, and I responded that all actions are better with a sound effect.  In fact, when the minister pronounces us man and wife, I will do a fist pump and shout, "Ba-zing!"  Kidding.  Maybe.)  I can't wait to get our photos back from our amazing photogs, Steven and Elaine from Giraffe Photography, and as soon as I see them, I'll be sure to schmear them all over this blog!  

The morning of our engagement shoot I awoke to realize that I had left myself with a window of four hours to ensure that my skin looked radient and my makeup was perfecto.  This was unwise of me.  I had several areas of dryness and several areas of zittage.  Some trusty concealer and bronzers helped to mask the situation, and hopefully the pimples won't take center stage...

I was kicking myself for not taking better care of my skin early on, and then I decided that this was my skin wake up call.  We are at five months and counting until our wedding day, so this is a perfect time to start taking better care of my epidermis.  I did a lil' research, and here are some helpful hints that we can all use to look our smashingest on our wedding days...

1)  Consider making an appointment with a dermatologist and/or an esthetician.  A skilled skin professional should be able to identify your skin type and areas of need.  There aren't many one size fits all products for skin care, and whether you have oily, dry, combo, or (darn you) normal skin, there are products out there tailored for your needs.  

2)  A skin care professional should also be able to tell you what kinds of foods are going to be helpful and hurtful for your skin appearance.  General rule of thumb is that lots of water, fruits, and vegetables are going to fuel your skin cells in a helpful way.  They will probably tell you to drink at least 8 eight ounce glasses of water each day and to stay away fro fatty, fried, and processed foods.  Caffeine and alcoholic beverages will dry your skin out, so use in moderation.  Come to think of it, this skin appearance diet will also help my ass appearance...

3)  Get enough sleep.  This fact I find hard to believe, so I feel as though I need to do further research to confirm, but apparently, you lose weight and your cells repair themselves while you are sleeping.  Thus, the shorter nights result in less goodness.  Can anyone confirm/deny this?  

4)  STAY AWAY FROM THE TANNING BOOTH!  This applies to all people whether you are a bride to be or not!  Not only are tanning booths dangerous, they also severely dehydrate your skin leaving it flaky and leather-like instead of bronzed and glowing.  Opt for a self-tanner, or even yet, schedule an appointment with our very own make up and tanning artist, Erin Seddon.  I luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuv her tanning formula!  Her coverage is flawless, and with proper moisturizing, my color usually lasts for a week or more.  I already have my appointment booked with her to get all bronzed up before our wedding! 

5)  Take care of your skin day and night!  This is something that I need to improve upon.  I'm great about washing and lotioning my face in the morning when I get out of the shower, but I am ridiculously bad about remembering to do so in the evening.  I will get better at this.  Somehow...  Your cleanser should be appropriate for your skin type and should include Vitamin C and/or folic acid which both help to smooth out blemishes.  You should be exfoliating regularly and using night creams and eye creams to repair skin.  When picking a day moisturizer, you better make sure that it has some SPF mixed in there!  Your skin can receive damage from sun rays when you are exposed for as little as ten seconds, and remember that it's not just about your face.  Cover your entire body!  Be proactively safe folks, if not for the avoidance of cancer, do it so that your skin doesn't turn into pre-mature wrinkle city!  

6)  Rejuvenate skin with facial peels.  Okay, this one I have to admit, scares me...  Has anyone seen the Sex and the City episode where Samantha gets a facial right before Carrie's book party?  That freaked me out!  Can anyone who has had facial peels please say something comforting so that I might attempt this?  I cannot wear a black hat with a black veil to my wedding...  Also, I'm not sure the frequency that one should receive a facial peel.  There has to be someone out there with better knowledge on this than myself...

7)  It is recommended that you experiment with your make up prior to your wedding day.  If you are having your make up done by a professional, definitely schedule a trial session.  Then observe yourself in different lights throughout the day.  Have someone take pictures of you throughout the day.  Discuss your skin type knowledge with your make up artist who should be sensitive to which products would be best for your type and tone.  

8)  Do not test out new products on the day of your wedding!  In fact, don't test them out when you are within even a couple of weeks of your wedding.  What if a product makes your skin break out?  Blotch?  Bleed???  It's better to try things out in advance so that you know that the products work for you.  Do this with - facial treatments, masques, and other facial products.  


9)  If you are going to have anything waxed, do so five to seven days before the wedding.  Again, going back to the break outs, blotches, and bleeding, you want your skin to be calm and relaxed on the big day!  

10)  Don't stress over what you cannot control.  I like this saying.  I think it can go for skin and all other aspects of life.  If you have a last minute unexpected problem with your skin, do what you can do, but do not let it rule your day.  Think about bringing tried and true products along with you in your bridal emergency kit such as eye creams to reduce puffiness, pimple cream, bronzer, or even a pain reliever that reduces swelling.  

Okay, let's take this list of tips and turn it interactive!  What skin products/processes/people can you not live without (be sure to tell us what kind of skin you have...)


Dermatologists and Estheticians

Foods to love and foods to avoid

Dispel or uphold the whole skin repairing while you sleep thang.

Spray-tanners (products or people)

Cleansers, Moisturizers, Night Creams, Eye Creams

Facial Peels (products and places)

Make Up

Facial Treatments, Masques, and Other Facial Products

Waxing (products and places)

Emergency Fix Up Products 


Sharing is Caring Folks!  Post a comment in the message board post about this blog!  :)  

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