Singing Down the Aisle?

by Jenny Bryde 16. February 2014 00:54

I'm going to try really hard to deliver this one with a straight face.  I am totally for incorporating your own style into your wedding with unique traditions, decor, and style.  I applaud anyone who is willing to think outside of the gift box, and so I should be giving a standing ovation for the new trend I've heard so much about - singing down the aisle.  If you were to go on to YouTube right now and search for "bride singing down the aisle", you'll find not one but many videos of ceremonies where the bride is belting out a tune as she walks down the aisle.  (Click on the picture to see the videos I'm discussing.)

Here's why I start to chuckle and shake my head a bit:

1) A song is typically three minutes long.  A walk down an aisle is only about thirty seconds even if you walk really, really, really slowly.  There's a lot of dead time where the bride, groom, and wedding guest don't know what to do with themselves.  Incredibly awkward.  

2) I feel like it's a bit self-centered, and yes I know that a lot of the focus of the wedding day is on the bride, but come on.  A wedding AND American Idol?  Too much for me.

3) Since a bride is definitely going to be getting this moment on tape and needs good sound amplification, the bride is either wearing a headset (unattractive) or holding a mike instead of a bouquet (sad).  

4) The poor, poor, poor, poor grooms just stand there at the end of that verrrrrry long aisle with no idea what to do.  Being on the spot in front of a lot of people for three minutes feels like an eternity.  Don't do that to your man.  He may tell you he's okay with it, or you might think this would be a fun way to surprise him.  I'm here to tell you that he will not like it, and it's not a nice surprise.  


Am I just being cynical because my dog woke me up at 4am today?  Please feel free to chime in and speak your mind!  On the flip side, I'd also like to hear what you think about a groom singing a song to a bride.  


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