How to Create a Cohesive Look with your Stationery

by Jenny Bryde 11. September 2011 05:56

Wedding Papery does NOT have to stop at the invitation alone.  Think of all the information that you have to relay to your guests...where to go, what to do, who to ask?  It can surmount in a multitude of signage and pamphets, so you might as well make them pretty.  Consider creating a cohesive look with a design element that repeats throughout your entire wedding from save the date to thank you card. 

Here is one example of how a bride worked with her stationery designer to implement her peacock idea throughout her wedding paper...


Each piece is individually beautiful, but together, these elements work to tell the story of this couple's magical day!  Whether you go with a certain theme or color, imagine how you could tell your story!  An invitation designer worth their salt will be able to work with you to create any sort of element that you need to fit your vision!

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