The Possibilities with Chalkboards!

by Jenny Bryde 13. November 2012 01:10

Last minute changes made right?  Flowergirl sticks her chocolatey fingers on your table numbers?  Or the oncoming thundercloud encourages you to move your seating area under a tent?  You may need an updated sign or two to help you fix these and other problems, and by using chalkboard signs, all it takes is a wet sponge, a piece of sidewalk chalk, and a steady hand! 

You can buy chalkboards ready to go, or you can purchase chalkboard paint which can go on just about anything!  We purchased some back a ways at Menards, and the chalkboard paint could be tinted 16 different colors!  We used a sponge roller to apply the paint to plywood for our signs.  I believe you can also buy it in a spray can, although something tells me the nozzle would get gummed up, but who knows? 

Below I'm going to show you some examples of chalkboards that were used in a wedding and also where you can buy some amazing chalkboards! 

Look at these ways to use chalkboard signs:





Here are some chalkboards ready for purchase from

Source: via Jen on Pinterest


Source: via Jen on Pinterest


Source: via Jen on Pinterest


Source: via Jen on Pinterest


So grab a paint can, make an order, and get those chalkboards here pronto.  They give a beautiful rustic charm to any wedding while providing a practical way to convey messages and information to your guests at your wedding! 

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