Ten Amazing Shoes Which I Will Never Wear...

by Jenny Bryde 4. August 2011 07:12

I could blame it on the fact that I'm already tall or have big feet or that I'd never have a place to wear them other than a wedding, but what it boils down to is that I am one klutzy gal.  If there's someone who is going to trip, stumble, stub her toes, or what have you, it would be me.  That does NOT, however, stop me from daydreaming and drooling over beautiful shoes that would be ever so cute poking out of the bottom of a beautiful wedding dress.  I was hunting around on zappos.com today, and I found these ten beautiful pairs of shoes that SOMEONE should wear...other than me. 


Looking at these shoes almost makes me want to give my ungraceful self another shot...  Maybe if I strapped pillows to every exposed part of my body and walked in one of those bouncy castles I'd make it to see another day...

What shoes make you go gaga?  What other websites do you love to frequent to finagle fab foot finds? 

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