To Sell or Not To Sell - The Great Dress Debate

by Jenny Bryde 7. December 2010 02:25

Let me start off by saying that I love my wedding dress.  LOVE it.  I wish it was socially appropriate to wear wedding gowns around town because I would rock it at the grocery store, on the bike path, and at the doctor's office.  But alas, I'm pretty convinced that I will never don the frock again.  So what is the future going to hold for the dress of my dreams?  Currently, it is sitting in the same state that it was when I took it off at the end of our wedding day - needing a good dry clean and stuffed in a garmet bag crammed into a closet. 

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So what are my options?  I could shell out the cash to get it drycleaned and professionally boxed for safe-keeping or maybe I want to sell it.  I've gone back and forth so many times on this issue that my head is spinninng, and I may need you, precious readers, to weigh in and give me some advice.

Arguments in favor of keeping the dress:

 - It has huge sentimental value.  So much that when I mentioned to my husband that I was considering selling it, he had a shocked and almost hurt look on his face.  I am still reeling in a guilt complex over that moment...

- A future family member may delight in wearing a then "vintage" family heirloom.  That would be neato.

Arguments in favor of selling the dress:

- I have gorgeous pictures and countless memories to last me a lifetime of looking at the dress.  I personally would be okay with not having the physical dress anymore.

- The chances of a future family member being the same size, having the same taste, and wanting to wear the dress are pretty slim. 

- Getting some extra cash these days would be awesome as we have lots of plans in store for a new house, babies, puppies, etc... In any case, extra money is great. 

- I like the idea of my dress "living on" and making someone else happy.  It's a beautiful dress - should it be locked up and hidden away forever?

- I am not an evil unfeeling person for considering selling.  Check out these two awesome sites that have used wedding dresses for sale: Once Wed and Weddingbee.

HELP!  What do you think?  Please weigh in on the message board.  Would you sell your dress?  Would you keep it?  Any advice would be greatly appreciated!



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