Plastic Surgery for Hand Selfies???

by Jenny Bryde 26. May 2014 00:46

We here at are all about the wedding mania:  Planning, scheming, obsessively dreaming about making your wedding day the best thing ever.  Come on and admit it.  Every bride wants her day to be perfect.  It's okay to dream.  And we often encourage our couples to splurge on that item that's high up on the priority list whether it's a top of the line photographer, amazing food, or the perfect location.  I've even entertained crazy ideas like custom fireworks, hand crafted ice scultures, and pig roasts.  It's all good!

I finally found a wedding expense item that I do not endorse in any way shape or form.  It's called a "hand lift" by those who want you to buy it, and what it boils down to is botox for your wedding ring hand so that you can have the perfect engagement ring selfie.  Yep.  Sounds stupid to me too.

For around $1200 you too can have this procedure done so that the veins in your hands aren't quite as noticable because you know that people don't give two hoots about your actual ring.  They are actually sitting there making fun of our ugly hands.  Not!  (I haven't said "not!" since about 4th grade.  I must really feel strongly about this matter.)  And the best part is is that this procedure isn't even permanent.  At best you can expect it to last for 9 months.  $1200ish for 9ish months?  Please say no thank you to this ridiculous trend.  I can think of 10,000 better ways to spend that money!


Doesn't that picture look painful and unnecessary???  

Some alternatives if you are truly self-conscious about your hands but need that absolutely perfect hand selfie:

1) Ask a friend to model your ring for you.  No one will ever know.

2) Edit the picture afterwards.  That's why God invented Photoshop.

3) Don't take a ring selfie.  How about instead, you take a picture of you and the wonderful person who gave it to you?  That's the real prize, folks.  


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