Seating Outside the Lines: Unusual Seating Arrangements

by Jenny Bryde 25. May 2015 01:44

Once you've picked your reception area, you start to think about what will go where.  The head table, the dance area, the guests, and of course, the tables and chairs.  Most receptions follow the same traditional rules of spacing to maximize the number of bodies you can comfortably fit into one area, but if you have a little extra space, you might want to consider something a little less traditional.  A creative seating arrangement makes for great conversation opportunities and something that is visually appealing and unusual for the eye as your guests enter your reception area.  Check out some of these non-traditional seating arrangements:


How about this arrangement with the head table in the middle and spokes of guest tables going out from the center?

This s-shaped snakey arrangements creates intimate corners and great conversational opportunities.

How about this winding table that seems to bend along with the natural landscape?

This arrangement is laid out in the secret message of XOXO.  Cute!

Instead of separate tables, how about these long family style tables?

Another example of how your table arrangement can fit the environment, literally.


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