Pretty Coverups for Cold Shoulders

by Jenny Bryde 26. September 2012 00:37

I've heard of cold feet, but cold shoulders?  Sure they happen!  Where did the 90+ degree days go?  There's a lovely crinkle in the air these days, and that means that a lovely bride can get a little shivery while waiting for the pictures to wrap up so she can go inside.  Solution?  How about a pretty cover up? 

I remember when I was a little girl and it snowed on Halloween.  My mother made me wear a winter jacket over my ballerina costume, and I was as mad as could be whenever someone had to ask me to explain my costume.  Never fear, brides-to-be, cover ups for a wedding can look beautiful and totally intentional! 

Here are some ways you could keep warm: Boleros, Cardigans, and Scarves! 



These cover ups are so pretty they look like they were bought with the wedding dresses!  They make for interesting photographs too when the bride stands out because of a sudden splash of color, change of texture, or added bling bought by a cardigan, bolero, or scarf.  So if you're getting married this fall or winter...or really any time of the year I suppose, you may want to think about finding the perfect cover up just in case!

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