Why Do I Need A Save The Date?

by Jenny Bryde 21. May 2010 00:18

Really...I mean...really?  Why is a Save The Date even necessary?  For those of you who aren't familiar with that term, a Save the Date card is something that the bride and groom can choose to send about 6-8 months before the wedding to give invited guests the heads up about the wedding day.  

My original stance was that Save the Dates were unnecessary as they just conveyed a smidgen of the information that would eventually be on your wedding invitation or website.  Also, you would need to cough up an additional set of postage which adds even more to the bulging budget.  As a lover of all pretty paper things, I would always admire others' save the date cards while secretly mocking them in the snarky area of my brain.

That was then.  This is now:

About a month ago it was brought up in wedding guest list conversation that there was great worry over which relatives would be in town for our weekend due to my fiance's grandmother's 90th birthday falling on our wedding weekend.  Originally, I thought this was not a big deal, and it would be lovely for us to honor her at our wedding with an announcement, a dance with the groom, great photography, and maybe even her own little cake.  Apparently, that did not settle the matter.  

My side of the family tends to be laid back and go with the flow while my fiance's side tends to worry about every possible scenario conceivable by man.  Not only do they worry, they like to have a back up plan for each scenario.  I don't care to partake in worrying if I can at all avoid it.  I couldn't avoid it in this case...

Questions came up such as - What if they try to make your wedding into her birthday party?  What if they have her birthday party another weekend and then none of the out of town guests come to your wedding?  What if they throw a party on your wedding weekend and then more people come to your wedding?  My response:  It will be fine.  It will be fine.  It will be fine.  I mean really...it will seriously be okay.  The world will not spontaneously combust if we have more or less people come to the wedding.  Things have a funny way of working out...

I tried to avoid that topic, but after a couple of weeks, the conversations were increasing in frequency and panic-level, so what was the solution that I proposed to my fiance?  We should send a save the date card that points people towards our wedding website.  That way everyone has all the information needed, and we have done our job of communicating.  We both kind of agreed that after that, we didn't really want to partake in anymore conversations about "what ifs".  

So I whipped up a save the date card and laughed that I was doing exactly what I had sneered at five weeks earlier.  Anyhoo, along with quelching the worry-riddled conversations, here are some other bonuses of sending a save the date card:

- By sending them out, you are forced to gather all the addresses for your guest list.  

- If any cards come back, you know that you need to do some fact checking before you send out your invitations.

- You can play around with styles and start to think about what designs and colors you'd like on your invitations, programs, thank you cards, etc.  

- A large portion of people stop asking you questions that you feel that you've repeated about a million times.  (Unless, of course, they aren't invited!)

Below is our save the date card that we came up with.  I think it gives a pretty good hint at the theme of our wedding and also directs people towards the website where there is tons of information about all sorts of things related to our wedding.  


The front:

The back:

So all in all, I am pleased that we decided to go with the save the date cards. We ended up doing post cards so the postage was only 27 cents per piece rather than 44 cents for the full envelope type deal. Out of nearly 100 that we sent out, we've only had one come back to us with the address unknown. That gives me assurance that when we send our invitations this summer that they will safely arrive that their destinations. And best of all, a decision was magically made about the grandmother's birthday party. Funny how things work out...

Well I've waxed poetic about my thoughts on save the date cards. What do you guys think? Did you end up sending save the dates? What were your reasons to do so or not to do so? And if you're able to, post a picture of your save the dates in the message board! We love seeing all the different stationery ideas floating out there...


Jenny Bryde | Stationery

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