Get Ready for the First Ever Bride and Groom Garage Sale!

by Jenny Bryde 23. March 2011 02:05

We are simply giddy with delight to announce a major event coming your way in mere weeks! 

For a long time we tossed around the idea of some sort of bridal swap where stuff that people had left over from weddings could be repurposed and given to those who were planning weddings for the following year.  This idea was so simple yet so great.  It allows married people to do some serious spring cleaning and engaged people to do some serious saving!

Just think of all the STUFF that one must accumulate for a wedding.  The list of little odds and ends is daunting.  Not to mention, that when it's all said and done, you're left with many of the items that weren't consumed at the wedding or even used at all:  vases, paper, favors, jewelry, veils, dresses, fabric, silk flowers...the list goes on FOREVER!  And the best part of this idea, is that all this left over STUFF could be really useful for someone else!  We thought, why not give people a chance to make some money by selling their left over wedding stuff and give others the chance to save money by buying the left over stuff?  Brilliant! 

On April 16th we are going to be holding the First Ever Bride and Groom Garage Sale at the Golden Leaf Convention Center in Davenport.  Here are the deets:

Please stop by the message board to ask any questions or find more info about the sale! 


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