Celebrity Engagement Rings!

by Jenny Bryde 22. September 2014 01:12

I don't care how famous you are or how much money you have in your checking account, when you get that perfect beautiful ring, you'll let yout a squee like a 12 year old girl who gets a spotting of 0ne Direction!  Assuming that price is no object when you're famous and filthy rich, it's no wonder that these rings are over. The. Top.  Check them out!


 Katherine Heigl

Angelina Jolie


Scarlet Johansson

Star Jones

Selma Hayek

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Non-Traditional Engagement Rings

by Jenny Bryde 22. September 2014 00:56

A diamond is a girl's best friend, but you know us gals.  We're pretty accpeting of lots of friends, right?  Lately I've been noticing a trend of some up and up with-it couples going against the grain and choosing engagement and wedding bands that have nothing to do with diamonds at all.  Once diamonds are off the table, the possibilities are endless!  Check out my favorite finds from this week of non-diamond engagement rings.


This trend is hot with celebrities and royals as well!  My favorite non-traditional ring is of course Kate's who rocks (pun intended) a huge sapphire engagement ring.

The ring shape doesn't even have to be symmetrical or balanced.  I love this nest ring!

I love the details and imperfections in this stone.  Not sure if it's an unrefined diamond or other clear stone, but it's gorgeous!


This aquamarine stone gives just the right pop of color!  So pretty and delicate!

You cannot go wrong with gold and turqouise.  Ever!


Who says the shape even needs to be predictable.  This ring looks like a piece of art or a stained glass window!


This pale acquamarine is my favorite in the group.  So lovely!

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Ring Pictures?

by Jenny Bryde 22. September 2014 00:39

At some point of your wedding, your photographer will probably ask you and your new spouse to hand over your wedding bands so that they can be photographed.  A favorite pic that can really turn out lovely has so many opportunities!  Your photographer has a chance to get creative here and will find a way to display your rings that is meaningful or amusing for your both.  Here are some great examples of ring pictures!


Nestled in amongst wedding flowers is a favorite shot.  Something about the industrial look of jewelry against a natural canvas...beautiful!

Who says the shot needs to be complicated?  I love how this photographer grabbed a pen and a scratch piece of paper to create a cute background for the ring shot.


This book could be the bible with which your minister married you or just a meaningful book or even just a random book!

Use unusal objects such as Scrabble letters!


You've spent so much time perfecting your wedding invitation, so why not use it as a background for the ring shot?


Having a beachy wedding?  Use the sand for handprints!  No beach?  How about good old mud?  Watch out for the white dress, though!


Who says the rings even need to leave your possession?  This great shot lets the bride and groom get involved.


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