Hot Trend: Ribbons, Ribbons, Everywhere!

by Jenny Bryde 12. July 2011 05:27

I have been so thrilled lately as I look around at weddings and see how couples have really gotten creative with materials new ways to decorate the alter, chairs, tables, anything!  One of the most versatile ideas that has come out recently is the rampant use of ribbons or other materials cut into strips.   Check out some of my favorite pics using ribbons and other materials as heavy duty decor...

 Check out all these wide strips of fabric or ribbon that pool at the bottom for a luxurious backdrop to this table setting! 

This couple went with strips of lace and film negatives!  How creative and beautiful at the same time!

Notice how these ribbons aren't all perfectly aligned or cut to length.  So freeflowing and whimsical!

What a pretty backdrop for a cake!  White is so timeless...

Trying to find a way to dress up those chair rentals?  Look at all these colorful ribbons cascading down the backs!  I love it!

Why tie a bouquet with one ribbon when you could have a dozen? 

Repetition is key here as these ribbons work together to create a colorful and creative canopy. 

What a pretty way to dress up an altar!  Such a stunning contrast with the bride's crisp white dress!

Ribbons were tied on to lanterns for this look.  I love how the couple seems to have gotten lost in the ribbons... So romantic! 

There isn't really a steadfast rule to this whole ribbon idea thing...I just think that more is more on the ribbon frontier.  Just remember - one ribbon is okay, but 100 ribbons are fantastic! Don't stop at ribbons either - rip strips of colorfully patterned fabric, lace, beads, anything!  Have fun!


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