To See Or Not To See?

by Jenny Bryde 8. August 2009 02:29

It's the moment.  THE moment.  The one that works up tears in everyone's eyes as you see each other for the first time.  You both look the best that you ever have, dressed to the nines, and somehow emitting a glow that make-up companies wish they could box up and sell.  It's the first time you've seen each other all day, and now you're ready to get married.  

Can you picture it?  Now stop, and tell me what you imagine around you...

You will be surprised to see the answers to this question are as varied as anything else involving a wedding, and it tells a lot about you as a couple.  

You will find some people saying that the first time the couple see each other is at the actual ceremony when all guests are present and watching the bride walk down the aisle with her father.  The couple that chooses this scenerio is traditional and classic.  They love the anticipation build and involving their guests in this highly emotional moment.  

Other couples do a reveal moment well before the ceremony.  This gives the couple an opportunity to greet each other in a more secluded area.  A couple may choose to do this if they would like to do formal and family pictures before the ceremony rather than after, giving the couple more time with their guests.  They may also choose to do this to dispell a little bit of the pressure of the big day.  

Some couples literally spend the entire day together.  They wake up together, get ready together, and the reveal moment is really enjoyed all day long.  

Another variation can be found in most Indian weddings where there is a curtain between the bride and the groom throughout the ceremony until a certain point.  

So what do you see as the first moment you see your significant other on the big day?  Where are you?  Who is present?  Whatever you decide, make the moment yours as this will be a contender for the most memorable moment of the day...

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