New Ideas for Wedding Shower Themes and Registries

by Jenny Bryde 25. November 2012 01:48

So you'd prefer a leaf-blower to a stand mixer?  A sexy pair of undies rather than linen napkins?  A massage certificate rather than an espresso machine?  So be it!  Each engaged couple has different needs, and often, especially when a couple lives together before saying "I do", they don't need the traditional items found in a white sale.  So how do you as an engaged couple communicate that to your guests who will resort to their tried and true gift ideas if you don't steer them in the right direction?  

How about a themed shower and/or wedding registry?  Choosing a theme really helps your guests conceptualize the idea behind what you and your fiance need.  How about these ideas:

1) A room specific theme - Don't need anything in the kitchen but really need help in the living room?  Create a registry based around furniture, knick-knacks, candles, and electronics. 

2) A barn-raising shower - In the middle of a renovation project at your new abode?  Suggest that the host of your shower throw you a shower that includes items from the tools and supplies departments like paint, small tools, wall paper, etc.

3) A green thumb gathering - Maybe you'd prefer to work outdoors and could really use some landscaping materials.  Your host could request that everyone bring a plant that could be transitioned to your yard.  You could even work with a local landscaping company to help create a list of what you'd need for a yard plan.

4) A boudoir soiree - Maybe you're more interested in keeping the sparks alive in your bedroom than you are keeping a perfect household.  Your shower host could suggest that the guests bring you their idea of the perfect lingerie.  

5) A wine-celler cultivation - Ask that each guest bring a bottle of their favorite wine to stock up on your collection!  

Keep in mind that your wedding shower and your wedding registry are serving a purpose of enhansing your household in some shape or form.  Not all households have the same needs and wants, so make sure that you speak up when it comes time to plan your shower and make your registry.  Your guests will be happy to make you happy, so just figure out what you want to do!  Have fun!  

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