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by Jenny Bryde 18. August 2011 13:02

Let's get real around here...real couples that is.  Each month we are featuring one of our engaged couples on the blog so that all of us who are planning a wedding can get a snapshot of how others are making this complicated event come to life.  As people who plan, we beg, borrow, and steal ideas from those around us...after all, immitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right?  Today we are featuring Sarah and Michael, a local engaged couple who are wrapping up their final steps to the alter and who have agreed to share the details of their day with you!  So check out the interview below where Sarah shares an inside look at their unique spin on age-old traditions...

Names: Sarah and Michael

How you met:  We met in November of 2002 through friends, but we have known of each other since high school.

How you became engaged:  We had decided to get married in Feb of 2010 but weren't going to tell anyone for awhile (we had no ring, etc.). Then he ended up telling his mom, so I blurted it out to everyone.
What you are currently working on for your wedding planning:  I am currently finishing up the guest list and getting the rest of my addresses. We have almost everything done, just ready to get our rsvps back in the mail! 

A unique aspect or project that you are tackling for your wedding:  We had our invitations hand drawn by our friend Johnnie Cluney who is an artist. He drew a picture of us that was taken at a friends wedding and we are using that on our invitations. I am also planning on making origami paper cranes to give out as favors (at least I'm hoping to get that done!)  We are also having both a band (A Fifth Of Country) and A DJ at our reception. My fiance likes live bands and I preferred dance music so this was our compromise!

A tradition or sentimental something that is being incorporated into your wedding:  I have a cake plate that was my maternal grandma's I am using for one of the cakes. I'm also wearing a pair of earrings that were made from a vintage necklace of my paternal grandma's. My cousin had them made for me to wear in her wedding last year, and now I'm wearing them for mine.

Local vendors you are using for your wedding:  Cakes by Kay (cake) DeBord Catering, Clazzy Designs (linens) Model Printers (invitations). Black Hawk Historic Site (reception).
I found vintage shoes for $20 at Fred and Ethels.

How you are being creative with a budget:  This is the major part of the wedding itself. We are not doing a traditional wedding, so we are saving by omitting a lot of items and traditions I think brides feel they have to have, but you don't! One of my reasons is that if it's going to get thrown away, I don't want to buy it. So no bouquets or flowers or corsages or boutonnieres. We are not doing/did Save The Dates, programs or favors, unless I get the paper cranes done! I did 'splurge' on address labels I found on Vistaprint for $6 with a peacock on them (that is part of the theme).  We are getting married at the courthouse before our wedding, and having a reception on 9/10. So we are not paying to have a wedding/officiant, and there's no flower girls or ring bearers, so that takes care of flower girl baskets and ring pillows, etc. I found my dress at David's on clearance.  We are also fortunate enough to have amateur and professional photographer friends/family. My brother is taking pictures of us at the courthouse and my fiance's brother's girlfriend is doing the posed/professional shots of us, so we saved a major amount there. I'm planning on signing up for a photo sharing website for friends/family to upload the pictures they take at the reception so I'm sure I'll have tons of great shots.  The local vendors I choose were all reasonable with prices, and I did win a gift certificate at a bridal fair to use for one vendor, so that helped alot with the budget. My good friend Corie Willet is a local hairstylist and she is doing my hair. My cousin Jason DelaCruz is a local DJ and will be doing the music for the wedding.  It's also not about being picky, and not worrying about details that no one is going to notice.  We also never thought about renting limos or hotel rooms or horse drawn carriages!
How you keep organized while planning your wedding:  I have a planner that I keep with me all the time, and any ideas/websites I want to remember I e-mail to myself to save. I have a binder at home that holds pictures and any paperwork/receipts I need to hold on too.

Details of your decor (colors, themes, great finds you have gotten your hands on):  I'm doing a peacock feather/turquoise color theme. I'm asking my b-maids and our moms to wear black dresses w/any turquoise jewelry they own, or jewelry in that color. We have champagne colored linens to go with the turquoise.  I'm doing DIY centerpieces and having two kinds. Some of the tables will have wine glasses (all found at thrift stores) set upside down with votive candles on top of them, similar to this: The other centerpieces will be vases with gray river rock in them, and I have assorted branches, decorative leaves and peacock feathers that will be set inside them. The vases are different styles and colors, most are clear, but we found orange and blue ones too. The branches are a mix as well, most we got at craft stores but I did find some at thrift stores. My mom did splurge on some table mats made out of peacock feathers she found at Pier One that are going under some of the centerpieces. And I did find a bunch of wreaths on clearance at Michaels that made out of peacock feathers for super cheap that I hope to hang somewhere in the reception area.

Songs you are thinking of using:  It's going to be an eclectic mix of songs; swing, indie, cheesy 80's music... The hardest part is picking out the music and songs I want to hear after the band is done playing. I know for sure I'll have songs by Bob Marley, Modest Mouse, Fleetwood Mac, The you can see, it's a broad spectrum! We don't have 'a song' because we are not doing a first dance. We're shy.

Flowers you are thinking of using:  We are not doing flowers. If I decide to do a bouquet toss, I'll probably run into Hy-vee and grab some the day of!

Details about your wedding party:  I have my three friends and my fiance's sister as bridesmaids and our brothers are groomsmen. Since we're not doing any sort of procession, it's mostly an honorary title, and for pictures. I just wanted to honor my closest friends and our siblings.  And I now have a close friend who will be a personal attendant along w/the rest of the bridal party!

Well, let me speak for everyone at in saying that your wedding sounds like it's going to be amazing, and we can't wait to follow up after the big day to see the pics and hear the stories! 

If you are a person who would like to have your wedding planning featured on the blog, please feel free to email me:  We'd love to hear from you! 


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