Rainbow Weddings for Everyone!

by Jenny Bryde 30. June 2013 01:58

One of our favorite things to celebrate at QCWeddings.com is color.  We often feature entire articles on one specific hue, but it's not about the hue that drives us to color.  It's about the mood and the feelings evoked when color schemes are flawlessly executed.  We love all colors and all color combinations, but what we're really interested in is seeing the "happy"!

With this week's news of DOMA being overturned by the Supreme Court, we want to congratulate all couples everywhere who celebrate color and love.  At the risk of being cliche, today's color commentary features the rainbow.  Enjoy.  :)


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Jenny Bryde | Legalities

Loving the Rainbow Color Palette!

by Jenny Bryde 6. April 2012 09:47

Lately I've come across so many great weddings that have used the rainbow as their color palette.  They threw caution to the wind and said why not be color gluttons and have them all?  I think it worked out well for them...


Source: Uploaded by user via Jen on Pinterest

So pretty!  Even though there are a ton of colors going on, they've also used some neutral elements to blend in well with the loud palette.  LOVE it! 

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Colors | Jenny Bryde

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