Fall Wedding Colors: Purple

by Jenny Bryde 7. September 2015 02:40

I sat in the grass last night doing a little starwatching with my family when a leaf fell on my face.  In the dark, the leaf looked black, but when I bought it into the light, it was the most rich, bold, gorgeous shade of purple.  Fall is coming, my friends, and the color preview in this leaf got me thinking about the wonderful fall shades that come out to play this time of year.  Check out these pictures of purple fall weddings.  What fall shade speaks to you?  Next up?  Gold!


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Fall Colors Are Here! First up: Purple!

by Jenny Bryde 26. September 2009 02:49

Summer has ended.  We waved good bye and sighed as we put away our swim suits put up the top to the convertible.  Okay, I don't have a convertible, BUT if I had one, the top would be up starting this week.  I have to say that while I do love Summer in all its glory, the Fall season is my favorite.  I love fresh school supplies, I love sweaters, and I love the colors that naturally occur.  Throughout this season, you're going to see a lot of Fall inspiration and ideas on the blog. 

Starting off, I'd just like to present some amazing inspiration that features all things purple.  These pictures from the Snippet and Ink blog are incredible!  Check em out!  You can click on the pictures to see the inspiration boards enlarged...

Down the road, we'll be looking at some other amazing fall colors and inspiration board.  Be looking forward to golds, greens, and vibrant reds!

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