Ceremony Music Suggestions: The Vitamin String Quartet

by Jenny Bryde 9. October 2010 02:15

When it came time for us to pick out our wedding ceremony music, I hesitated.  Hesitation turned into procrastination, and procrastination led to us picking out ceremony music a few days before the actual ceremony.  For someone who is so overly decisive with usually too many ideas to pick from, why did I find finding music so difficult?  

I think that it boiled down to the these factors:  1)  I don’t know a lot about music.  2)  I haven’t ever been exactly moved by music at wedding ceremonies that I’ve attended.  3)  I wanted our ceremony to match the fun and relaxed atmosphere that we were going for with the reception.  

All these ideas in my head made finding music for the ceremony tricky for me.  I didn’t want to have like an all out jam session for the ceremony; I mean, we did want to have a somewhat traditional look/feel to our ceremony.  On the other hand, I didn’t want to pick out music that felt cliched or boring to me.  So in short, I wanted our guests to listen to the music and say “Hey this is a ceremony AND I really like this music!”  

In an offbeat random spurge of luck, I stumbled upon a discussion board talking about the Vitamin String Quartet.  Wha??  I had never heard of them, but all I saw were rave reviews from many, many people who also dropped some key words such as “non-traditional” and “fun” in their comments.  I was intrigued, so I hunted down a few tracks of theirs to listen.

What did I find, you ask?  A goldmine of appropriate and fun music selections for all parts of our ceremony.  Basically the Vitamin String Quartet is your traditional string quartet, but they only play versions of classic rock and pop songs.  The result of their genius are tracks that sound totally appropriate for a special occasion that people can relate to because they sit and listen and start to think to themselves, “Hey, isn’t this ‘Sweet Child O’ Mine’ by GNR???”

Here are some of the tracks that we ended up using for our ceremony prelude music:


The effect was exactly what we wanted.  Judging by our guests who were standing in the cold mist to attend our ceremony, the music was not putting them to sleep, nor was anyone yawning.  Later, one of the biggest compliments we had was our music.  People loved it!  If you'd like to see more songs by the Vitamin String Quartet, click here to go to their YouTube channel where there are dozens of other memorable songs turned into "classical-esque" remixes. 

What have you decided on for your ceremony music?  Something traditional?  Something trendy?  Something in between?  Share your thoughts on the message board!  

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