Seven Surefire Photography Poses

by Jenny Bryde 22. March 2015 16:34

Somewhere between the cliched and the copycats are a league of photography poses where people look natural.  Calm, crazy, romantic, and heartfelt, good photography poses can make a memory last a lifetime.  While the heart made with two hands was cute for a while, we are now in desperate need of some new poses.  How about these?  


I love how the people in this picture are not lined up in a uniform row but look more naturally dispersed.  

The blurred line of groomsmen is really cool!  You could also stage this after the wedding with other groups of family and friends.  

Fun and romantic!  So much better than the shoulder to shoulder poses.

Definitely staged, but charming nonetheless.

I like how the photographer is back over the hill on this one.  It almost looks like the couple is in their own little world.

Sassy and cute!  I love the feel of this pic!

Totally unique!  I love this!  I imagine the photographer said, "And ready, set, go!"

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