Today's Top 10 Billboard Hits - Thumbs Up or Down for a Wedding?

by Jenny Bryde 23. June 2013 15:46

I thought it would be fun today for us to play the game of "Can I Just Push Play" on the Billboard Charts for my wedding and have a good mix of music?" otherwise entitled "THUMBS UP OR THUMBS DOWN".

Here are the rules.  We'll take a look at the top ten songs on this week's billboard charts, and I will give each song a "Thumbs UP" or a "Thumbs DOWN" depending on whether I think it would be a good song to play at a wedding.  Keep in mind that my criteria for "good" wedding songs would be those that are positive, maybe love themed, good for dancing, etc.  I might think a song is AWESOME for blasting it in my car, but if it's about blowing things up or ex-boyfriends, it will probably not make its way to a wedding DJ's play list.

So for your consideration, this week's Thumbs Up/Down list:


Blurred Lines - Robin Thicke - Thumbs UP - This song is fun and flirty, talks about beautiful women (ahem brides) and will get EVERYONE out on the dance floor having a great time!


Get Lucky - Daft Punk - Thumbs UP - Your wedding day/night is a looooooong haul from beginning to end, so a song about staying up all night and getting lucky (cough, cough) on your wedding night is okay in my book!


Can't Hold Us - Macklemore - Thumbs UP - Another fun dance song to get your guests moving out of their chairs!  


Radioactive - Imagine Dragons - Thumbs DOWN - A great song that is on my work out playlist, but I just can't see a song this intense making its way to a dance floor near you...


Mirrors - Justin Timberlake - Thumbs UP - Total thumbs up!  A great love song that Timberlake wrote about his wife, Jessica Beal!  So romantic!!


Cruise - Florida Georgia Line - Thumbs UP - Total thumbs up, especially for a midwest summer wedding!  Hot fun in the hot sun!


Just Give Me a Reason - Pink - Thumbs DOWN - Another great song that won't make it to a wedding dance floor.  Come on, it's about a pair that clearly needs couple's therapy.  Boo, hiss!


Come and Get It - Selena Gomez - Thumbs UP - Another flirty fun song for the bride to boogie to!


The Way - Ariana Grande - Thumbs UP - A sweet love song, a definite yes!


I Love It - Icona Pop - Thumbs DOWN - A great bad-ass chic song, but a thumbs down because they want to throw someone's "stuff" down the stairs.  Anger management, yes.  Reception, no.  



So there you have it, my take on this week's top ten hits and how they'd fare at a wedding reception!  

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