The Morning After Photo Shoot?

by Jenny Bryde 19. August 2012 00:51

We've heard of engagement sessions, and trash the dress sessions, but now a new photography trend is popping up in the wedding world, and it leaves many of us scratching our heads.  The Morning After photo shoot is the hottest new trend, and it consists of your photog being invited to your honeymoon suite the next morning to capture you and your new husband or wife doing whatever it is new lovebirds do after they've gotten that ring on their fingers.  Ranging from pictures of coffee to pictures of couples romping around in bed, this photo shoot is intriguing but undoubtedly not for everyone.

My thoughts?  First of all, the morning after my wedding, I was no longer picture perfect.  My wedding day was wonderful and wonderfully exhausting!  I was so partied out and tired that when I got home and fell asleep, I slept hard core. I suppose if I had wanted to take part in a morning after shoot, I'd have to get it in writing that the bags under my eyes would be photoshopped out.  That being said, I remember waking up the day after my wedding and feeling this huge relief.  I think it was because planning a wedding while fun takes a lot of time and energy and it was finally done and we could finally just start living our life together.  So maybe those would have been beautiful pictures, who knows. 

Here are a few example shots I found on the web of morning after photo sessions...


photo by Amelia Strauss Photography


photo by Refinery29


photo by Pam Cooley Photography

So what do you think?  Are there any couples out there thinking about this?  Are there any photogs out there offering this?  I am wondering if this can be built into your photography package if you wanted it?  Food for thought on this fine Sunday morning...  Hmmm... I wonder how many morning after sessions are happening right now with OR without a photographer present.  :)

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