Pets in Your Wedding Party?

by Jenny Bryde 5. February 2012 15:02
Ruff, ruff! Meow, meow! Are you an animal lover? Many of us have a little four legged friend at home who tugs at our heart strings on a daily basis. That being said, have you ever considered incorporating your furry friend into your big day? I have to admit that my dog would never make it down the aisle as a ringbearer, but that's not to say that you all don't have a polite little pooch at home who'd fit in nicely with your wedding party. Check out how these people incorporated their pets into their weddings...

Source: via Jen on Pinterest

So how bout it? Could you handle a pet on your wedding day? Here are some things to keep in mind... Would your venue allow it? Is your pet intimidating to others? Are you prepared with a plan b should your pet have stage fright? Who will take care of your pet when his/her part is done? Can you do some rehearsals with your pet? Does your pet handle crowds well? Is your pet well behaved? If the answers to those questions sound promising, then get your pooch to the groomers so they can stand next to you and your groom!


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