Mother Nature is a Fickle Fiend

by Jenny Bryde 18. September 2010 06:49

Rain is lucky on your wedding day, correct?  Hmm...who came up with that cliche'd omen?  Probably some mother or wedding planner who was trying to console a bride on the verge of tears as her outside alter washed away in the rain. 

Anyhoo, today is our wedding day!  I was going to write this weather post yesterday, but it would have been a bitter, bitter thing, and this is a happy place.  So I waited until I had come to terms with the onset of rain drops.

Mother Nature really played me for a fool this past week.  With a wedding day full of outside activities, I happy stalked the 10 day forcast for the past 10 days.  Here's a recap of the forcast for today on each of the ten days:  sunny, sunny, sunny, sunny, cloudy, rain, rain. 

Eeks!  So what's a girl to do? 

First of all, I think it's necessary to say that when you plan an outdoor wedding, you need to have a back up location on site like a building or something unless you are totally cool with the moisture.  Maybe a covered tent would work as well...  We have a location on site and a fantastic site coordinator with TPC Deere Run, so we knew we could take the weather gamble.

Second of all, don't stalk the ten day forcast.  Until three days out, it was totally incorrect about what I am seeing now that we are here.  Just ignore it.  Pretend it doesn't exist.  Find something else to obsess over like the seating arrangement or your nails.

Third of all, even if you have a freak thunderstorm that melts your makeup and blows your ceremony to smithereens, realize that this is your wedding day.  It's not about the rain.  It's about your love and about opening a new chapter in your life.  Enjoy the day no matter what.  

And rain drenched brides and grooms make for hot and amazing pictures, so let your photog play up the moment and smile.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to go repowder my nose and check the status of my rain poncho.  :) 


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