Turning String Lights into Something More with Origami and Craft Supplies!

by Jenny Bryde 20. November 2012 01:19

I love twinkling little lights!  I am a firm believer in spraying everything with net lights, string lights, lanterns, canisters, you name it especially for a wedding!  While string lights on their own are pretty and do the job, you can definitely take them to the next level by adding decor onto each bulb.  You often see party lights at the big box store where there is an added flower or animal or whathaveyou on each bulb.  Generally, this will increase the price from a standard string light price to about 5 times the amount!  Boo!  Instead, why not create something to go on the bulbs.  Origami anyone?  Check out the inspiration pictures and directions below!


 This linked picture below will take you to directions for how to turn a styrofoam egg carton into flower string lights!  Easy peasy and cheap-o!


This linked picture below will take you to a website with step by step animated directions for origami! 


And below is a picture linked to one of the cheapest sources for string lights.  50 foot roll for $3.99!


This DIY project could be done for a tiny fraction of what you might pay for decorative string lights in a retail store.  So get folding, gluing, and lighting!  I think these could be used all year round!  I might just make some for fun today! 

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