Orange You Glad You're Getting Married?

by Jenny Bryde 14. July 2013 15:56

Today I was admiring the beautiful orange tiger lilies that grow wild on the back of our property until a bunch of cute baby deer came by with their big momma and ate them all.  Gone.  Blink.  No more.  I couldn't get too mad at the deer because they were just too cute, but it did make me miss the nice pop of color against our otherwise all green back yard view.  

Orange is such an ignored color when it comes to weddings.  It doesn't have to be bold and dramatic.  Orange is not obnoxious.  Say it with me now.  Orange is NOT obnoxious!  It can be romantic and warm, and you don't have to be having a fall wedding to make use of it!  Check out the inspiration board I came up with below with some of my favorite "orange" wedding pictures!  


Beautiful, no?  Orange you glad you saw this blog post?  Okay, I'll stop now with the lame knock-knock joke rip-offs.  :)


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