Options for Serving Food at a Wedding

by Jenny Bryde 12. May 2014 01:02

A question came up recently in a discussion with a bride who didn't want to have the "same old" food that all weddings tend to have.  Those of us married in the group kind of chuckled and tried to console this bride to be that all weddings are unique regardless of what is served for food, but maybe for this couple, unique food is a priority.  So after a little digging and thinking, I've come up with a list of different ways you can feed your friends and family.  Depending on your style and budget, any of these options could be done.  Let's take a look!


The Buffet - A popular choice due to ease of feeding a lot of people a lot of food in a little amount of time, a buffet can be a great choice!  A pro would be that people could tailor their plates for what they'd like to eat.  A con would be that you might be paying for a ton of left over food since your servers will keep the food trays full throughout the serving time.


The Plated Dinner - A classy and simple way to have all your guests fed, a plated dinner can be a great option!  Pros - The bride and groom can tailor the experience with a special food item that everyone will receive.  Conversations can be more intimate amongst tables as they don't have to stand and wait in any line.  Cons - Plated dinners often mean limited options for guests.  The bride and groom will often opt for only one choice or a couple of choices due to logistics and budget.


Family Style Dinner - Combining the buffet and the plated dinner, a family style keeps the food right at the table for the guests to dish up themselves.  Pros - guests can decide what they'd like on their plates without having to stand in a line.  Cons - dishes of food can take up valuable table space making less room for decorations.


Appetizer Stations - A fun way to get your guests to mingle and eat, appetizer stations or butler passed appetizers can be a lot of fun!  Pros - you won't need to plan for specific table counts, in fact you may not even need tables for every single person as many people will stand and wander in this set up.  Pros - a fun atmosphere with the opportunity for guests to try a little of everything.  Cons - The dinner hour often provides the time for the bride and groom to take a breather.  During an appetizer hour, the bride and groom will be the sought after company as guests mingle and eat.


The Dessert Buffet - Who says you have to serve dinner anyway?  If your reception is in the mid afternoon or morning, a dessert reception might be just what the doctor ordered.  Pros - If you aren't serving dinner type food, you can save a bundle on your budget.  Cons - You'll have to clearly communicate to your guests that you aren't serving a meal as guests might otherwise assume they will be eating food other than dessert.



Working with your caterer, you can create any number of options.  Any of these options can be toned down or jazzed up to meet your budget and tastes, so speak up!  You don't have to do what everyone else does for food!

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