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by Jenny Bryde 17. May 2015 15:57

I was discussing weddings with someone recently who was lamenting that she really loves yellow and ombre but that who has a yellow ombre wedding?  I told her that as far as wedding colors, everything goes, and it's totally up to the couple what they want to see happen.  I promised her some inspiration pics of cakes in particular, so for your consideration, I give you yellow ombre cakes!

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Wedding Word of the Day: Ombre

by Jenny Bryde 11. July 2011 09:21

As a writer, I tend to think that as far as words go, I'm fairly knowledgeable.  Today has brought me yet another lesson in humility as I learned a brand new (to me) word that comes to play ever so fancifully in wedding decor.  The word is "ombre" which is a French term for gradient or shading.  As far as weddings are concerned, it's a one word solution to those of us brides who cannot pinpoint a specific color to which we would declare loyalty.  Why pick one shade of pink when you can have them all?  Using an ombre approach, one doesn't have to worry about swatch matching, color overkill, or florescent light tricks.  I'm going off in a tangent here...  Perhaps it would be better if I brought in some visuals...

Let's start off with a famous example.  Remember when Gwen Stefani wore her famously pink-tinged wedding gown?  Notice how the coloration doesn't go directly from white to hot pink but trails through a gradient, or ombre, of shades.  The effect is a graceful transition which adds softness to the shocking color.




Next we have a darling wedding cake with a bottom layer that uses an ombre effect to travel through all the lovely shades of purple one can find. 

An ombre effect doesn't have to be a direct gradient as we see here in this floral chandelier.  Instead, a more haphazard color approach is used to incorporate a more non-traditional "messy" look.  Still charming! 

I think the use of ombre coloration here is a refreshing way to display a traditional place setting!  This centerpiece arrangement is gorgeous! 

How fun are these shoes?  Not white.  Not pink.  Just perfect! 


And in a very delicate fashion, these napkins were tinted with an ombre effect which gives a more vintage-y look to this place setting! 

That's it.  I can't take it.  I want to incorporate an ombre effect everywhere.  On weddings, in decorating, or even in my garden!  It's so pretty!  Ask your wedding vendors today if they can accommodate your resistance to pinning down one or two colors.  I bet they'd love the challenge! 

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