Less Than 1 Week Until the Bride and Groom Garage Sale!

by Jenny Bryde 13. October 2013 08:43

This is a public sevice announcement to remind anyone and everyone to clear their calendars for Saturday morning next week since it's the Bride and Groom Garage Sale!

Here are our current stats:  

We have over 30 sellers bringing over 50 tables worth of wedding supplies to sell.  WOW.  That is a pretty big sale!  

There is still time to register, so click here if you'd like to be a seller.  It's free!



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Bride and Groom Garage Sale | Jenny Bryde

Registration for the October Bride and Groom Garage Sale is Now Open!

by Jenny Bryde 15. September 2013 01:21

For those of you who are newly engaged or newly married, listen up because we're about to announce the details of one of the most exciting and unique wedding related events in the Quad Cities!

The Bride and Groom Garage Sale hosted by QCWeddings.com is a fabulous event that has so many positive outcomes that it's hard to get them all out in one mouthful.  First, let me explain what I'm blathering about.  

Twice a year we hold this event, once in the Spring and once in the Fall.  Previously married couples are invited to bring all their leftover gently used or new wedding supplies and set up shop within our sale.  Those who are engaged and are looking for items can then shop the sale.

Here are SOME of the benefits:

  • Sellers clean their house of all the left over wedding items that were stored in closets, basements, and garages.
  • Sellers make some money back from what they had originally spent on wedding supplies.
  • Shoppers find amazing deals on beautiful wedding supplies.
  • Participating as a shopper or a seller helps our sale grow which means more money we can give to our sponsored charity: The Kelly McQuate Memorial Scholarship
How do you become involved?
What are the details of the October Sale?
  • The sale date is October 19th at the Golden Leaf Convention Center in Davenport.
  • Seller set up is from 7am to 9am.
  • The sale is open from 10am until noon.  
  • The sellers will bring all kinds of wedding related items to sell:  dresses, fabric, stationery, jewelry, centerpieces, candles, china, napkins, flowers, signage, props, arches, linens, and more!

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Bride and Groom Garage Sale | Jenny Bryde

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