Strenth and Balance for the Long Haul...

by Jenny Bryde 2. November 2009 00:34

On the Bridal Blog, we like to talk about all things wedding: fashion, stationery, customs, flowers, ceremonies, etc...

Behind all this is our love of providing information that will make the beginning moments of your marriage beautiful and memorable.

But what about the rest of the marriage?  What happens beyond Day 1?  There are a lot of pressures out there for every couple to strike those balances that make the partnership work for the long haul, and all of us strive for a "great marriage" and are willing to put in the efforts towards the longevity of a happy life together.

Did anyone read the interview with the Obamas printed in the New York Times last week?  Beyond politics, this interview puts the first couple's relationship under the microscope, and it really gives an amazing insight to a marriage that works even with enormous pressures and expectations.  Obama-fan or not, this is worth a read...

photo via Damon Winter/The New York Times

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