New Year's Eve Wedding DIY Ideas!

by Jenny Bryde 30. December 2011 06:22

Realistically speaking, a new year's eve party and a wedding reception aren't really that different when it comes to decor.  A set of colors, a theme, or a common element are decided, and the rest builds from there!  With new year's eve gearing up to start in about 24 hours, here are some last minute DIY decor ideas that could work whether you're getting hitched or just looking for that kiss at midnight:

1) Use etching materials (~$10) and simple champagne fleutes (~$1 ea) to etch your guests' monograms, and make their toasts truly a personal experience.

2) String large scale pieces of glitter, construction paper, or left over wrapping paper onto fishing line to create a truly glitterati-worthy garland.

3) Cut some branches from your dormant trees in your backyard, and use some spray adhesive and glitter to make them dazzle as sparkling centerpieces.

4) If you have flooring that provides for easy clean up, sprinkle fine glitter throughout the party area for a glowing floor.

5) Hang a giant sheet of white or black or silver paper, and provide sharpies of varying metalic colors with which your guests can write their resolutions! 

And here are some pics that I threw together that make me think of a new years eve wedding! 


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