Fabulous Dress Options for the Mother of the Bride!

by Jenny Bryde 28. July 2014 03:06

The bride is the star of the show, of course, but along with the bridesmaids, the mother of the bride's attire will also be checked out.  Think of a daughter's wedding as an unofficial red carpet event with the guests being your paparazzi.  No pressure, of course!  There are wonderful options for mothers of the bride including anything from a full length formal gown to a tailored pant suit.  What the moms will want to do is consult with the bride.  What level of formality should the attire reflect?  What colors might the bride like to see on the family so that the formal pictures look cohesive?  Generally speaking, the mother of the groom will be waiting to hear what the mother of the bride is wearing so that she can pick a non-conflicting outfit.  

So let's get to it!  Today I'd like to feature a number of dresses that would look amazing and beautiful on the mother of the brides.  All of the dresses I picked for today's showcase are knee length dresses, and soon we will feature some other lengths and even more styles.  All of these dresses are available in multiple colors and can be found by clicking on the pictures to go directly to the purchasing site.  


Option 1: Embroidered Lace Sheath Dress - $238



Option 2: Cap Sleeve Lace Sheath Dress - $118


Option 3: Lace Sheath Dress - $228


Option 4: Lace and Faille Dress - $148


Option 5: Metallic Jacquard Jacket and Dress - $188

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Mother of the Bride/Groom Outfit Qs and As

by Jenny Bryde 9. May 2010 00:56

Happy Happy Mother's Day, everyone!  I'd like to take this opportunity to say that I'm blessed to have a fantastic mom who is a supportive role model and friend.  I'm taking her out for brunch and mani and pedi's today.  Since my dad and brother are out of town, we don't have to feel guilty about ditching them to go out and do girl stuff!

Even though this day is traditionally about our biological mothers, don't forget to give a thank you in the form of some friendly gesture to all the other "mom"s in your life: step-moms, foster moms, adoptive moms, grandmoms, mom-in-laws, sisters, friends, coaches, etc.  

In honor of the estrogen, today's post will be all about mom fashion at your wedding!  With two great moms in my life, my own and my fiance's, I want them to look and feel spectacular on our wedding day.  My blanket statement of "wear whatever you want" wasn't exactly the most helpful stance for them.  They both had a lot of questions...

Here are some commonly asked Q and As by moms for brides about wedding day attire:


Q.  Do the mom's need to coordinate with the wedding party?  

A.  That is a conversation that the moms and the bride to be need to have.  Some brides will want their entire wedding party and family members to coordinate some how whether it's a certain shade of color or a certain length of dress or some other element.  If a bride has a particular vision for what they'd like people to wear, she should speak up early on so that the mom's can get their shop on without having to return or adjust later.

Q.  Do the mom's need to coordinate with each other?  

A.  Traditionally, the mother of the bride will pick her outfit out first, and then the mother of the groom will go next, coordinating as needed.  This does not have to be the case as two women might have completely different ideas about what is going to look good on them and what style is required.  The bride may want to assist in communicating back and forth with the moms about outfit choices and about her preferences of formality, color, etc.  

Q.  Are there any color no-nos?

A.  Again, it depends on the bride.  Traditionally, no one but the bride wears anything resembling a white dress, and black and red have also been shied away from in the past.  Nowadays, colors are generally much more welcome in a wedding color palette.  Before purchasing your outfit or even before you begin shopping, you may want to ask the bride about any specific colors you should be looking for or staying away from.  

Q.  Are there any styles to stay away from?  

A.  Not really, but you would want to make sure that you are not upstaging the bride.  If your dress is very sexy, embellished, or wildly cut, you may want to get a reading from your daughter before purchasing.  Make sure that you coordinate with the formality of the event as well.  If your daughter's wedding is going to be a back yard casual wedding and she is wearing a casual wedding dress, you would look out of place showing up in a formal ball gown.  Likewise, if your daughter is throwing a black-tie affair, you would want to make sure that you wouldn't show up in a sun dress.

Q.  Are pant suits and outfits okay?  

A.  Certainly!  A dressy pant suit outfit can be absolutely tasteful and stunning on a mother of the bride especially if she would otherwise feel awkward or out of place in a dress.  The bottom line is that your outfit should look like you, just you on a particularly fabulous day!


I think the themes running here are clear:

1 - Moms need to communicate with their daughters, and daughters need to communicate with their moms.  

2 - Make sure everyone knows the formality level, color scheme, and bride's wishes.

3 - Find an outfit that you love, that you're comfortable in, and that will let the daughter that you love relax because she knows her mom looks fabulous and tasteful!




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