Mis-matching Maids?

by Jenny Bryde 28. July 2009 13:46

So ladies, I need your feedback on a recent decision I made regarding my bridesmaids...and maybe one of you is in the same dilemma in your own planning.

Here's the background information:

1) I have 4 bridesmaids that are all different shapes and sizes with different tastes and style. Also, one of them just had a baby and has told me in the past that she wants her very own army of children, so she may very well be prego again soon. Another one is currently pregnant, and so shopping for form fitting dresses is NOT her favorite activity.

2) I do not care for shopping. Gasp! The horror! I know. I have shopping anxiety and often will pick up an article of clothing, carry it around for a couple of hours, and then discard it as an "I don't really need this" item. This is everyday shopping...for me. So you can imagine that picking out one style of dress for someone who isn't even me is killing me.

So I decided to let my ladies and my anxiety off the hook and let them pick their own dresses. Their instruction was..."Get a yellow dress." Other than that, they have free reign to pick out what they want. I don't care if the lengths, fabric, neckline, style, or patterns are the same. I really don't.

Check out these pictures of bridesmaids who appear to also have had some creative control over their wedding wear:

found via PerfectBound

Photo by GwynethColleen found via OffBeatBride

Found via FarFlugFiancee

Picture by SugarLoveWeddings found via GreyLikesWeddings

The results of my release of control?  Peace of mind.  At least for me.  It has taken some convicing for my bridesmaids to believe that I will not employ veto power if they show up in a dress that I don't like.  I told them they could show up in a neon yellow hoopskirt with a straw brim hat escorting a sheep down the aisle, and I will keep my bride lips buttoned.  I have full confidence that they will go forth and find beautiful dresses that fit their style and budget.  

Has anyone else gone this route?  How did it work out?  We'd love to see pictures!  

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