Just When You Thought You Had Paper Under Control...

by Jenny Bryde 4. June 2010 01:39

Where do you see paper in the wedding spectrum?  Invitations, right?  Well of course, but just when you thought you had your invitations under control, people will start to ask you about other paper-al elements that may appear in and around your wedding.  Programs, escort cards, menus, etc....  Today's post takes the many printed elements that you might consider for your own wedding...

Rule of thumb for this post?  All these elements are optional!  Don't think to yourself, "My goodness, I don't have custom letterpress coasters printed for my guests!  I fail at weddings!"  No, no, dear friends, as always, your wedding is an extention of you, and YOU may not need or want some of these elements.  Then again, you may be greedy like me and want them all...  *sigh*.

Let's begin, shall we? 

Programs - This one is a biggie and pretty popular.  Often times found at the entry to the ceremony area or on the seats for your guests, a program gives your guests a play by play account of the day's events.  It may include a schedule, readings, names of family members and the wedding party, pictures, etc.  The program can be in the form of a booklet, flyer, printed fan, or some other fun object that has this info printed. 

Menus - Everyone will be interested in what they get to eat at your wedding, so a menu card is a nice gesture that will get your guests salivating.  Place them on each plate, each table, or just one big menu sign as guests enter the area. 

Escort Cards/Place Cards - These two cards are brother and sister in that the escort cards will show a guest which table they should go to, and a place card is placed at the seat of each guest to identify which place setting is theirs.  Sometimes you may want to do one or the other, both, or neither, depending on your seating needs.

Napkins and Other Personalized Items - You will definitely need napkins, and it is often the case that brides and grooms will have their name and date printed on napkins, matchbooks, pencils, candles, or other favors for their guests.

Here is a collage of pictures of various wedding paper products (including a custom letterpress coaster) that you can find on Etsy:


1. program fan by scrappinginnovations, 2. program handkerchief by artfulbeginnings, 3. program birds of a feather by paperthickink, 4. placecard candle by illumienate, 5. placecard on glass timelesspaper, 6. program fortune teller by katskrafts, 7. menu wrap by printyourparty, 8. napkins by bellabridedesigns, 9. lettepress coaster vintagescriptpress


Alright, all you paper-savvy people, what other paper wedding elements am I overlooking?  What else came in handy?  What else did you have printed?  Do tell in the message board! 

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