Happy Memorial Day! Thank You!

by Jenny Bryde 25. May 2015 02:29

We here at QCWeddings.com wish all past, current, and future military service people a Happy Memorial Day.  We thank you for your service, dedication, and sacrifice.  



Jenny Bryde

A Salute to Military Weddings on Memorial Day!

by Jenny Bryde 26. May 2014 01:01

We love our military men and women, no doubt about it - past, present, and those who are thinking about making that life choice in the future.  Today we'd like to take a moment to say thank you and to give a nod to the spouses of our service men and women who stay strong at home waiting for their loved ones to return.  

To celebrate the sacrifices of these families in QCWeddings.com style, we're featuring some of our favorite pictures of military weddings.  Check out these gorgeous moments captured in pictures featuring men and women in uniform.


A thank you to all our military people and their families!  Happy Memorial Day!

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Jenny Bryde

Memorial Day Wedding Inspiration!

by Jenny Bryde 28. May 2012 08:35

I loved our wedding, really I did!  But doing the work that I do makes me think all the time about what I'd do differently if I were to give it all ago again!  Usually when a holiday rolls around and I see all the themed colors and decorations come out to play in neighbors' yards and city parks, I wish to myself that I were getting married on that day.

Albeit a hot one, today is simply gorgeous outside!  What a lovely night it would be for a Memorial Day wedding!  Here are some of the details that I'd pull together if I were to get hitched today...



My darling and wonderful husband would sigh deeply if I were to confess that I daydream about our wedding-redo everytime a holiday rolls around, but I just can't help myself!

Enough thinking about myself though! We here at QCWeddings.com wish to thank all our military friends and family for all that they do and all that they've given to ensure our safety and security! Happy Memorial Day!


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