Wedding Meme Fun!

by Jenny Bryde 12. July 2015 16:41

We do a lot of plotting, planning, pursuing, and paying for the perfect wedding.  So let's just stop.  Stop it all.  Just for a minute, okay?  Let's have a moment to give a nod wedding memes.  It's good to be able to laugh at our ridiculous nature that tends to come out when we are planning a wedding.  What is that?  Every bride gets it to some degree whether they'll admit it or not.  And grooms too!  So just take a few minutes, forget your to-do list, and give me an LOL for my favorite wedding memes!



And then there's this little cherub from William and Kate's wedding.  She needs a caption.  Meme contest, anyone?  Ready....go!


Jenny Bryde

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Hi!  Welcome to the blog!  My name is Jenny, and I am a Quad Cities bride to be.  Our goal for this blog is to share information on all things wedding including local vendors, new trends, and amazing inspiration.  Let us know if there is something you'd like to see on here!  

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