The Great Debate - Dramatic or Natural Wedding Make Up?

by Jenny Bryde 10. August 2013 15:52

On your wedding day, you want to look like yourself but we often pump up the make up application simply because it's the number one picture taking day, and it's easy to lose someone's features in a picture if they weren't properly emphasized with a little behind the scenes beauty trickery to begin with!  I hear brides all the time debate between whether they want to look like a flawless version of themselves or if they want to amp up the volume and play up their features.  

Either direction can make a beautiful bride, so I thought I'd share pictures of both natural and dramatic make up for inspiration on this great debate.

First up - The natural brides.  These brides have beautiful make up and almost seem to be glowing.  They look like themselves but just on a really, really good day!



The next set of brides were a little more bold with their make up selection.  Focusing in on amplified colors really emphasized these brides' best features:




The results with these brides are as varied as their maiden names, but they all have in common that their make up looks fabulous!  You may want to have multiple looks that you try out for your wedding day to get the best look for YOU when you walk down the aisle.  

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Beauty | Jenny Bryde

Spa Services Before Your Wedding Day!

by Jenny Bryde 27. May 2010 00:27

If you ask a random sample of people, you are going to hear mixed results regarding the necessity of various spa treatments.  Some people will swear by a weekly pedicure and wouldn't think of missing an appointment for a stress reducing massage.  Others will tell you that their money is better spent elsewhere.  Spa services can add up, but since this is your wedding, you may want to consider a little indulgence to make you relaxed and as beautiful as can be on your big day! 

We have many QCA salons and spas that can accommodate your wedding party for spa treatments on the day of and leading up to the wedding.  These are some of the treatments you may want to consider:

Trial Up Do and Up Do - Even if you plan on getting your hair curled by a professional, you are probably going to pay for an "up do".  Many brides fork the fee over though as there is something to be said for beautiful and secure hair on your wedding day.  If you have a veil or a head piece, your up do service should probably include placement and securement so that everything stays put.  I plan on having a very simple style with my hair down, but I am still leaving the work to a professional.  Well before the big day, you should also schedule a trial up do so that you and your stylist can have some time to find the right placement, size of curls, etc for your hair.  Leaving this to the day of could be really stressful especially if you are looking for something specific.  Bring pictures and ideas for inspiration.  Depending on where you go, plan on investing anywhere from $50-200 plus tip on these services.

Photo-ready Make Up - You are on any given day a beautiful person, but in our world of high resolution photography, you will want to make sure that your skin texture and color looks amazing!  The trend right now is to shy away from cream make up products as they can literally melt off of your face causing creases and smudges before you even get to the alter.  The new mineral products and the traditional powder products seem to stay put better for the long haul in extreme weather conditions.  Even if you are getting married in the Arctic Tundra, you never know what your nerves can do to your sweat glands.  A professional in this field should be able to give you great advice and services on products for your skin type and desired look.  Again, you will probably want to schedule a trial make up session so that you can bring inspiration pictures.  For make up services, plan on spending anywhere from $25-100 plus tip.

Mani/Pedis - Next to your gorgeous smile, people will be looking at your hands the most on your wedding day.  Everyone will want to look at your ring, and the photographer will probably take some close ups during the ceremony of anything you do such as signing the marriage certificate, so make sure that you get those cutticles under control and slap on a pretty color with a manicure before your wedding.  Your feet are in for a long day of standing and dancing, plus I just know you have a fabulous pair of shoes to don, so make sure you get a pedicure before your wedding as well.  For that matter, you may want to get one AFTER the wedding day too as your feet will need a little R and R.  In my humble opinion, I think that you should get your mani/pedi taken care of the day BEFORE your wedding day.  This gives your nail color plenty of time to cure so that you don't have smudges.  Make sure you sit under that weird light table (I know you know what I'm talking about...what are those things called anyway??) at the nail salon for plenty of time before you get ready to leave.  And for heaven's sake, take your bridal party with you!  They will also be photographed, and beyond that, having someone to talk to for an hour or two other than the nail artist will be a relief.  No offense nail artist people, I just think us brides will need our gal pals around us for mental support when its this close to the wedding day.  Many spas offer various levels of pedicures and manicures from an "express" service to a "luxury" service.  For a mani/pedi combo, plan on spending anywhere from $40 to $150 plus tip.

Massage Services - It's a few days before your wedding.  You've answered a serices of a thousand questions and planned tripple back up plans for every worst-case scenario imaginable, and now you need a time out where no one can find you.  There is only one occasion in the entire world this can happen - at a massage appointment.  Leave your phone in your car, request that the masseuse play some soothing music, shut your eyes and your mouth for an hour, and let the stress get worked out of you.  There are all kinds of massage services from a traditional rub down to a full on ass-whooping massage.  You can also have yourself wrapped up and/or smeared with any number of soothing materials like mud, salts, honey (kidding), etc.  Some places offer express massages all the way up to 90 minute massages.  For an hour massage, plan on spending anywhere from $45-150 plus tip.  Add more if you want the honey or other add ons.  :)

Facials - Before I go any further please note this advice - DO NOT GET YOUR FIRST FACIAL EVER DURING THE WEEK BEFORE YOUR WEDDING.  You need to have the service and the product tested on you when you would have plenty of time to heal should your face react badly.  You do not want to leave this to chance and end up with swollen, red skin on your wedding day.  Now if you're thinking that facials sound horrifying, please realize that I am describing extreme cases here, but do yourself a favor, and schedule maybe a series of facials leading up to your wedding over a few months period so that your esthitician can give you sound advice on your current skin condition and best products/practices.  Facials can do wonders like extracting black heads, exfolating, deep moisturizing, blemish treatment, sinus relief, etc.  You want that "glow" that everyone keeps raving about?  Facials, baby.  Plan on spending $40-100 plus tip for one facial treatment, depending on the services you need...

So where can we go to get all this done?  There are plenty of amazing places in the QCA that you can visit to have any of these services done.  You'll probably want to check out the John Taylor salon and day spa that is located in the new Jumers Casino in Rock Island.  With a luxurous and relaxing atmosphere, you can have ALL of these services scheduled for you.  You will work with extremely talented professionals who know how to make you look and feel your most beautiful!  You can check out their website to see a list of their services, and give them a buzz at 309-756-4696 to schedule your appointment.

Things to consider:

  • Don't forget to leave a tip for your salon/spa services.  Generally speaking, ettitquette tells us to leave somewhere between 15 and 20% of your total bill (before any discount) for your tip. 
  • Schedule your appointments for hair/makeup/etc. well in advance of your wedding.  Many places can book you six months or more in advance, and you will probably not be the only bridal party trying to get in for hair and make up on that weekend.  Think ahead so you can get in to your prefered salon/spa without hassle.
  • Look for inspiration photos for skin/hair/make up before going to your appointments.  The person working with you should be a great listener and a skilled artist who can pull off a look close to what you want within reason.
  • Don't over book yourself on your actual wedding day.  You can spread your beauty appointments out so that you aren't stressed out rushing around to get everything done on that day.  That would give you the opposite effect of the relaxation that these appointments are supposed to bring!

So where have you ladies and gents all gone before for these sorts of spa treatments?  Where is your favorite place?  Share on the message board!!


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How to Make Your Skin Glow on the Big Day!

by Jenny Bryde 20. April 2010 11:25

This weekend we finally had our engagement pictures taken!  That was a big check that I was able to make on our To Do list.  I even made the check sound effect which is somewhere between a "tsk" and a "ding".  (My fiance asked me if my check was more effective with or without a sound effect, and I responded that all actions are better with a sound effect.  In fact, when the minister pronounces us man and wife, I will do a fist pump and shout, "Ba-zing!"  Kidding.  Maybe.)  I can't wait to get our photos back from our amazing photogs, Steven and Elaine from Giraffe Photography, and as soon as I see them, I'll be sure to schmear them all over this blog!  

The morning of our engagement shoot I awoke to realize that I had left myself with a window of four hours to ensure that my skin looked radient and my makeup was perfecto.  This was unwise of me.  I had several areas of dryness and several areas of zittage.  Some trusty concealer and bronzers helped to mask the situation, and hopefully the pimples won't take center stage...

I was kicking myself for not taking better care of my skin early on, and then I decided that this was my skin wake up call.  We are at five months and counting until our wedding day, so this is a perfect time to start taking better care of my epidermis.  I did a lil' research, and here are some helpful hints that we can all use to look our smashingest on our wedding days...

1)  Consider making an appointment with a dermatologist and/or an esthetician.  A skilled skin professional should be able to identify your skin type and areas of need.  There aren't many one size fits all products for skin care, and whether you have oily, dry, combo, or (darn you) normal skin, there are products out there tailored for your needs.  

2)  A skin care professional should also be able to tell you what kinds of foods are going to be helpful and hurtful for your skin appearance.  General rule of thumb is that lots of water, fruits, and vegetables are going to fuel your skin cells in a helpful way.  They will probably tell you to drink at least 8 eight ounce glasses of water each day and to stay away fro fatty, fried, and processed foods.  Caffeine and alcoholic beverages will dry your skin out, so use in moderation.  Come to think of it, this skin appearance diet will also help my ass appearance...

3)  Get enough sleep.  This fact I find hard to believe, so I feel as though I need to do further research to confirm, but apparently, you lose weight and your cells repair themselves while you are sleeping.  Thus, the shorter nights result in less goodness.  Can anyone confirm/deny this?  

4)  STAY AWAY FROM THE TANNING BOOTH!  This applies to all people whether you are a bride to be or not!  Not only are tanning booths dangerous, they also severely dehydrate your skin leaving it flaky and leather-like instead of bronzed and glowing.  Opt for a self-tanner, or even yet, schedule an appointment with our very own make up and tanning artist, Erin Seddon.  I luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuv her tanning formula!  Her coverage is flawless, and with proper moisturizing, my color usually lasts for a week or more.  I already have my appointment booked with her to get all bronzed up before our wedding! 

5)  Take care of your skin day and night!  This is something that I need to improve upon.  I'm great about washing and lotioning my face in the morning when I get out of the shower, but I am ridiculously bad about remembering to do so in the evening.  I will get better at this.  Somehow...  Your cleanser should be appropriate for your skin type and should include Vitamin C and/or folic acid which both help to smooth out blemishes.  You should be exfoliating regularly and using night creams and eye creams to repair skin.  When picking a day moisturizer, you better make sure that it has some SPF mixed in there!  Your skin can receive damage from sun rays when you are exposed for as little as ten seconds, and remember that it's not just about your face.  Cover your entire body!  Be proactively safe folks, if not for the avoidance of cancer, do it so that your skin doesn't turn into pre-mature wrinkle city!  

6)  Rejuvenate skin with facial peels.  Okay, this one I have to admit, scares me...  Has anyone seen the Sex and the City episode where Samantha gets a facial right before Carrie's book party?  That freaked me out!  Can anyone who has had facial peels please say something comforting so that I might attempt this?  I cannot wear a black hat with a black veil to my wedding...  Also, I'm not sure the frequency that one should receive a facial peel.  There has to be someone out there with better knowledge on this than myself...

7)  It is recommended that you experiment with your make up prior to your wedding day.  If you are having your make up done by a professional, definitely schedule a trial session.  Then observe yourself in different lights throughout the day.  Have someone take pictures of you throughout the day.  Discuss your skin type knowledge with your make up artist who should be sensitive to which products would be best for your type and tone.  

8)  Do not test out new products on the day of your wedding!  In fact, don't test them out when you are within even a couple of weeks of your wedding.  What if a product makes your skin break out?  Blotch?  Bleed???  It's better to try things out in advance so that you know that the products work for you.  Do this with - facial treatments, masques, and other facial products.  


9)  If you are going to have anything waxed, do so five to seven days before the wedding.  Again, going back to the break outs, blotches, and bleeding, you want your skin to be calm and relaxed on the big day!  

10)  Don't stress over what you cannot control.  I like this saying.  I think it can go for skin and all other aspects of life.  If you have a last minute unexpected problem with your skin, do what you can do, but do not let it rule your day.  Think about bringing tried and true products along with you in your bridal emergency kit such as eye creams to reduce puffiness, pimple cream, bronzer, or even a pain reliever that reduces swelling.  

Okay, let's take this list of tips and turn it interactive!  What skin products/processes/people can you not live without (be sure to tell us what kind of skin you have...)


Dermatologists and Estheticians

Foods to love and foods to avoid

Dispel or uphold the whole skin repairing while you sleep thang.

Spray-tanners (products or people)

Cleansers, Moisturizers, Night Creams, Eye Creams

Facial Peels (products and places)

Make Up

Facial Treatments, Masques, and Other Facial Products

Waxing (products and places)

Emergency Fix Up Products 


Sharing is Caring Folks!  Post a comment in the message board post about this blog!  :)  

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Put your best face forward...

by Jenny Bryde 8. July 2009 04:18



Morning, folks!  I'm writing today in a fog of laundry and organizing as we unpack and unwind from being gone for a week.  It is always nice to return home...

Today, I am featuring a very special vendor who may be an essential key to your look on your wedding day!  Her name is Erin K. Seddon, and she is a make-up artist who specializes in weddings.  On her website, she states that she wants to make sure that you are as radiant on the outside as you are on the inside of your big day!  

One of the perks for hiring Erin....she will come to you!  That sounds like paradise to me...relaxing in your family's home or in your hotel room, and your fabulous make up artist comes to you.  No hustle or bustle that may come with taking your entire bridal party to a salon.  

If you check our Erin's website, you will find more information about her services including pricing and some work from her portfolio.  Recently, Erin teamed up with Donna from Studio D Photography to create a concept shoot with at Skellington Manor in Rock Island.  Here are some highlights from the day...












I think the make up application is beautiful, flawless, and completely natural!  Wouldn't you love to have your skin glow like this on your wedding day!  I'm already booking my date with Erin!!

Side note...along with gorgeous make-up application, Erin also does airbrush tanning!  I stopped by to get a lovely and safe summer-time glow before leaving on vacation, and I was extremely happy with the results!  The coloring was beautiful and natural, and I'm still enjoying a good amount of color 7 days AFTER the application!  Erin was so nice and easy to work with!  



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