Match the Find to the Wedding: Vintage Napkins

by Jenny Bryde 2. December 2012 00:33

I love coming across objects here and there and all around the square, and getting that feeling of "Oh my goodness, this would be PERFECT for a _____________ wedding!"  From one item, inspiration can errupt, and when you're planning a wedding, inspiration is key.  Today I was drooling over vintage linen napkins on, and I got that feeling several times.  Here are a few of the pretties that I found plus a picture of what kind of wedding I think they would fit best.










Click on any of the napkins above to go directly to the Etsy item.  Really you can find these kinds of napkins all over the place - estate sales, thrift shops, etc.  You could even make your own napkins if you were so inclined!  

What other items have you come across that have made you go hmmm....?

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Somethings Old

by Jenny Bryde 1. May 2010 12:11

Last night, my fiance floored me by suggesting that we spend our Saturday afternoon going out to Walcott to peruse the annual community-wide garage sale event.  As a smart and capable gal, I thought to myself, "Self, there has to be a catch here."  There undoubtedly was some boat or truck or tool set or golf related item that he knew would be out there.  Buuuuuuuuuuuut, I took the bait.

So we got up a little early and headed out to Walcott (aka "Walk-It" as my good friend Rip likes to call it...probably because you can easily walk from one end to the other during the garage sale day...), and beat the crowd that was beginning to surge into this little community.  After a couple of garage sales full of nothing but baby stuff, I started to see some interesting things...interesting wedding things...  You know me, I got turned on and started to come up with wedding decor vignettes at each new garage sale.  

I've probably shared in the past, that we are heading towards a bit of a vintage themed wedding...not heavy vintage...just light vintage...  That probably only makes sense to me.  Hmmm...maybe timeless might be a better term.  Anyhoo, I love seeing pictures of weddings where they have incorporated a mixture of lines and vases, and everything looks relaxed and comfortable...nostalgic.  I'm rambling.  Again...  

I ended up being the only one of us who bought anything.  Wait, I take that back.  Midway through our morning, my fiance spotted the pork chop sandwich slash bake sale at the church and wanted to stop for some munchies.  THAT must be why he wanted to come all the way out here...  

I ended up with an amazing assortment of stuff...


A few vintage linens:






Some vintage canning jars which will serve as candleholders:






This awesome work caddy that might hold napkins or condiments at the bar:






A lovely assortment of milk glass vases and compotes:






And my favorite, this adorable old fan... I don't know what we will do with it, but for $1, I had to have it!







Even though my fiance was there for the food and I was there for the goodies, we had an added element of fun spending a gorgeous day outside talking to all the people who had come out for garage saleling. Everyone had a story to tell, and I'm excited that we are going to incorporate somethings old into our wedding day. Soon we will have a story of our own to tell...


Oh, that was so cheesy...


So, spill it. What unexpected amazing "something olds" have you found? Or somethings new, borrowed, or blue?

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Behind The Scenes At Clazzy Designs

by DonnaB 8. July 2009 07:27

Clazzy Designs owned by Lynn Carr is big into weddings and receptions over the last 34 years. How is that possible? Lynn started young in her parents shop, and has never really looked back. It is her passion in life, and to her it is just one huge hobby. She doesn't see it as work.

A couple of weekends ago I tagged along on a weekend there were nine weddings booked. To most of us that sounds like more than the human brain can keep straight and make it all happen. Quizzing Lynn I found out when she started doing weddings it was one a weekend. That seemed like a lot at the time, but then slowly some weekends had 2. It just kept increasing. There is a great deal of hands on experience in orchestrating how she books her weekends. Small weddings, large weddings, pickups, deliveries, linens and chair covers, special arrangements, and on and on goes the considerations.

Nothing happens without one of Lynn's top people.; Suzy is a hard working individual that compliments Lynn beautifully. She has an eye for detail and doesn't mind the hours of planning and checking as each wedding's floral order is prepared.

There are boxes, crates, vases with water, fresh flowers, silks, ;tools, pins, sprays, ribbon, greenery, and it goes on and on. The shop is filled in every nook and cranny with flowers. Some are in the coolers. Some are in places to finish opening. The floor is covered with leaves and snipped stems. The phone is ringing. People are coming in to pick up orders and to check on orders. It is a zoo to an outsider.

Friday night and Saturday morning linens, sashes, and chair covers are being delivered and put on. There are crews to do that. With perfect precision different people are going to make different deliveries all to arrive in time for photography and the ceremony to happen. There are special requests, delivery instructions, and timelines, and people all coming into play to bring off; the flowers in place just as they were ordered.

Add to this already complicated equation flowers like it between a low and high temperature. There are vehicles, road hazards, traffic, and events occurring out of the Quad Cities that can come into play. There are accidents on rare occasions to the flowers after they have been delivered. Does all of this kind of make you glad it's not your job to do what Clazzy Designs does? Hats off to them for an absolutely amazing job.

To get a slant on Clazzy Designs behind the scenes I spent a few Thursday evenings with them.; Then I went with Lynn on a Saturday.; What I found is an owner and employees that love to work with each other,; love what they do, and find lots of reason to laugh! Watching Lynn pulling flowers into a beautiful bouquet was like watching a painter. She simply was doing it with flowers instead of a brush. She made it look so easy.

Here's a slideshow of images captured during the day with Lynn

Clazzy Designs is one of our Premier Sponsors of the Fall Bridal Show and has more booth space than any other exhibitor. We are excited to see what she comes up with. You can find her in the Vendor Directory.

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