Contest Alert! Win a $5000 Wedding Dress!

by Jenny Bryde 29. January 2010 02:02

If you have cable television, you have probably stumbled upon the many shows centered around weddings. One of my favorites is Say Yes To The Dress which centers around the Kleinfeld bridal store in New York. This particular bridal store is famous for carrying all the top line designers who often charge more for one dress than I plan on spending on my entire wedding! While most bridal dress budgets do not reach the multiple or tens of thousands of dollars range, it is fun to watch the show and see the beautiful styles.

Now, there is a chance for one of you to win a dress from the Kleinfeld store! Check out the Kleinfeld Experience contest that is going on right now and ends on Valentines Day this year...

- a $5,000 gift certificate to Kleinfeld

- a private store opening in Manhattan, New York

- personal styling services provided by Randy Fenoli and a Kleinfeld Bridal Consultant

- free airfare and five-star accommodations

To enter, simply click on this link.

Remember to say you heard about it from! Good luck!

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