Great Ideas for Kids Activities at Your Wedding!

by Jenny Bryde 27. July 2014 02:40

If you are having kiddos at your wedding, and most likely you are, you'll need to think ahead because their dear little attention spans will not last much longer than to the end of your ceremony before they are looking for something to do.  Being proactive and having activities available for kids to enjoy will make the kids happy, their parents happy, and you happy!  You could have a designated table with activities to grab, activities planted at each table at the reception, or a special bag made up for each kid.  

Here are some easy and inexpensive ideas for kids activities.  (And by the way, the adults will partake too!)

A bean bag toss game will get kids (and adults) playing together.  


Disposable cameras with an I Spy list.  Bonus, you could get some really cool shots out of this if you take the time to get them developed.  


You cannot go wrong with some crayons and a pad of paper or coloring book.  


Hoola hoops!  Get the kids to get their wiggles out!


Another great way to get some energy out is for kids to have some jump ropes handy to get the jumps out!


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Gift Guide - for the Kids

by Jenny Bryde 18. December 2012 00:07

Shopping for grownups is okay, but shopping for kids is so much fun!  Imaginative toys, colorful art supplies, and other little trinkets are just ripe for the picking.  Make sure you think about thanking the littlies in your wedding party too!  All of these gifts are under $50 and are shown with the shipping fee included.  You can click on a picture to take you to more information!



Pretty Gold Childsized Bracelet - $25.00

Dinosaur Crayons - $15.57

Fort Kit Backpack (Comes in boy colors too!) - $48.99

Pirate Ship Bull Toy - $38.00

Custom Kids Slippers - $46.00


That fort kit alone had my imagination flying!  These gifts would be so loved by your little ladies and gents, so find some time to do some shopping for them!  


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