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by Jenny Bryde 19. June 2010 00:48

I think we're long over due for a little Etsy eye-candy!  If you have never visited Etsy before, you should stop by immediately but only if you have a multi-hour block to devote to happily skipping from one stop to the next which will all be filled with delightful handmade and vintage items, THOUSANDS of which could potentially be of use to you in your wedding decor, attire, gifts, accessories, etc!  Don't try and spend ten minutes on won't work.  And if you're thinking, "Yeah, right.  This lady doesn't know what she's talking about.  I can do whatever," then just go ahead and try.  I love a good chance to say, "I told you so."  :)

Okay, so here are some more shops that have been either suggested to me or that I've stumbled upon that make my heart go pitter-patter for various reasons.  I hope they make you smile too!

First off we have Choosing You, a shop devoted to moss covered monograms and other shapes.  How cool would these be on your guest book table or hanging by your altar??


Moss Covered Wedding Monograms   Moss Covered Wedding Monograms   Moss Covered Wedding Letters
And now something for the men.  These cufflinks from Pink Top Hat would be such a fun gift to give to the groom or even to the other groomsmen!
Next, we have an odd little shop called Vintage Market Place which sells many odds and ends including these cool garland strands made from upcycled vintage books!  How awesome and green all in one package!
VINTAGE Book pages Repurposed Party Garland Upcycled books   PARIS VINTAGE Paper Garland with vintage flashcards, doilies and ribbon
And now something for the men.  These cufflinks from Pink Top Hat would be such a great gift for the groom or the groomsmen!
Check out these darling necklaces from designer Rachel D.  These would look so pretty either with a bridal gown, a rehearsal dinner dress, or even everyday wear...
Aqua Blue Jardin   Orchid Bloom   Mod Romantique
This next shop features the ultimate in bling bridal accessories.  Whether you like Paris Hilton or not, she's been spotted wearing items from Kristen Kuehn Designs
Mini Cele Floral Sash   Harvey garter   Bali Crystal Bouquet Wrap
Even your drinks and favors can be tied up in a neat little package when you stop by Fort and Field's shop where you can find cute little bags, straws, and string!
12 striped candy, treat, or gift bags - medium - 7 X 7 1/2 - pink/white   150 striped paper straws - blue/white - unwrapped   40 gingham cupcake or muffin liners - purple
Burlap, I believe, is one of life's most underestimated fabrics.  While great for potato sacks, it can be a wonderful texture to add to your wedding palette, and Funky Shique is just such a shop that can help you do this.  Check these fun things out:
XOXO Glittered Burlap Banner   Black Poka Dot Burlap Gift Bags   Bride and Groom Burlap Pillow Slips
And finally, here's a link to a shop that specializes in a current hot trend in wedding decor: blue tinted mason jars.  These old canning jars used to be thrown away but have recently been recognized in value for their potential to be vases, candle holders, aisle markers, etc.  Take a look at what Matt Laura Jones offers:
Set of 6 BLUE Ball Mason Jars   6 Blue Vintage Half Gallon Mason Jars   10 BLUE Ball Perfect Mason Vintage Jars
So there you have it!  I hope you've enjoyed this snapshot of what Etsy has to offer all of us wedding related people.  What other finds have you found?  What makes your heart go pitter patter?  And we aren't limited by Etsy; share all of your favorite places to find your wedding do-dads!

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