What to DIY...What to Leave to the Pros?

by Jenny Bryde 26. March 2012 01:06

I'd like to think of myself as a resourceful gal...someone who can do anything with a little know how and a glue-gun or two.  However, when it came to our wedding, I hit a wall of what to DIY and what to leave to the professionals.  There are some things that we did our selves that turned out great, others not so much.  There are some things that I left to professionals that I was grateful for, and other items that I think we could have really taken care of ourselves.  Here's my recap...

Good DIY - We made lots of our decorations including tissue poms and cake stands.  I collected at ton of items at garage sales and consignment shops which added to our vintage decor look.  I designed our wedding invitations which was a lot of fun and added a totally personal touch to our entire wedding when I continued the theme with our programs and what not. 

Bad DIY - I collected vintage linens and napkins all year before our wedding in hopes of using them.  I restored aged and faded linens in to beautiful quality.  Aaaaaaaaand then didn't use them.  It was a combination of that we already had too much going on, and it was just one more thing to add to our what to send to the reception hall.  Considering the time investment that I spent working on shopping, cleaning, and organizing, I "spent" way too much on this particular DIY.  There were other projects that never came to fruition as well, but I sure had fun making them!

Good Investment - We had amazing service with our reception hall and catering staff.  I have grumbles about our flowers, but I wouldn't have tried to do them myself anyhow, so I'll leave them in this category.  It is totally worth every penny to invest in the services of people who will give you peace of mind on your wedding day. 

Bad Investment - Not anyone's fault, but we had rented a ton of stuff for an outdoor ceremony and reception only to have it rain on our wedding day!  So our $2000 that had been spent on lighting and tables and chairs and what not went totally down the toilet when we could have probably found another solution like borrowing tables from friends and family. 

Ideas that never came to be - I came as close as I'll ever be to an adult temper tantrum when I tried to talk my husband into getting a photo booth for the wedding.  I investigated everything from hiring a company to buying our own set up and everything in between.  No dice.  The investment would have been around $500-1000, but in the end, it was good because we wouldn't have had the space anyhow after moving our reception inside with the rain. 

Recovering from my losses - Even when I didn't end up using things, I was able to sell a lot of stuff after our wedding to people who were getting married.  I made back a lot of the money that we had invested in decor and rentals!  I totally recommend doing that! 

Anyhoo, what items are you going to DIY?  What items are you leaving to the professionals?  What items are you torn about?  What investments are tougher than others to make?

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