Winter Wonderland Wedding Inspiration Boards

by Jenny Bryde 21. December 2015 01:00

Not everything in this next set of days has to be about holidays.  Okay, that was silly.  Of course this week is about the holidays, and what better reason to celebrate than a festive wedding?  Whether you love a red, white, green, and gold palette or something entirely different, there are a lot of ways to style a wedding around a holiday season.  Bonus: you can score major discounts on after season Christmas items!  Check out some awesome winter wedding inspiration boards below!  They are really getting us into the holiday spirit!


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Pantone Fall Color Palettes

by Jenny Bryde 5. October 2015 01:31

Every year, the Pantone color company comes out with colors of the year.  They even pick wedding colors for various seasons.  This year, they have selected a romantic collection of hues that can be blended and mixed to make a fabulous wedding color palette.  Check them out below, and then see how various inspiration boards have taken one or more of the hues to be inspired!


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Featuring Fall Wedding Inspiration!

by Jenny Bryde 25. August 2013 15:39
Fall weddings... Sigh...

So a girl can dream, right?  Today I looked out my window and did a double take as I noticed the first set of branches that have turned from our lovely greens to a shocking shade of red.  It's only a matter of time before all the other branches follow suit.  I dearly love the fall season, and so I might have to confess to some preferences for an autumn wedding as well.  If I were to be planning a dream wedding for the fall, here are some of the elements I'd incorporate...

First, a romantic old barn.  How lovely for your guests to enter your ceremony or reception area and smell the warm hay with a whole lot of twinkling lights hung on anything that isn't mooing.

Burlap, champagne, many lovely fall colors in this tablescape pictured below!

My favorite thing about fall is that you don't have to have on an extra layer, but you feel totally rad and comfortable running through an apple orchard in your huge wedding gown...

Something about fall weddings tells me that you need to take the contents of your living room and place them outside.  The picture below does a good job of demonstrating why...gorgeous photo opps!

Lots of natural elements - twigs, apples, yum!

Pumpkins.  Must have pumpkins.  I love the carved work in these two!  


Again, barn, twinkling lights, lots of long tables that make the guests feel like they are at your Thanksgiving table.  

I like to think that these chairs set aside for the bride and groom have been adorned with the seasons first cut of hay from the impending harvest.  So pretty!

So that's my imagination run wild!  A lazy Sunday in August will do that to you.  Fall brides and grooms, your clocks are ticking down, so I hope that these pictures have given you some inspiration for some last minute fun fall details for your wedding day!


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New forever stamps spark our Winter wedding imagination!

by Jenny Bryde 27. November 2010 08:48

Let's take a wee break from our stationery break down posts to talk about a lovely little delight that has hit your local post office.  A new forever stamp collection has come out!  The stamps are beautiful, tasteful, and could TOTALLY be a lovely touch to a winter wedding invitation envelope. 


Heck, you could take these stamps and plan a wedding around them.  I scoured the internet for a bunch of fun winter wedding ideas that the new forever stamps complement...

For your upcoming winter wedding, please consider the following...



Now doesn't that just make your skirt fly up???  Remember - going with a themed wedding doesn't have to be cliched or kitchy.  The idea is to pick something that makes your wedding decor reflect the warmth that you feel towards your significant other, family, and friends.

So what are you waiting for?  Oh yeah, I know.  Dusk so you can go to raid all your neighborhood coniferous trees.  Happy Hunting! 

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Next Contender in the Fall Color Palette...Gold!

by Jenny Bryde 24. October 2009 12:23

For those of you who enjoyed our last post about Fall colors with all the purples and plums, here's another visual treat for you...golds and yellows!  Yummy!  Take a look at all these wonderfully delicious inspiration boards snatched from the Snippet and Ink blog!  Enjoy...





Who's next you ask?  Well don't worry, Red and Green, I haven't forgotten about you!!


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