Icy Decor

by Jenny Bryde 28. December 2015 02:34

Feeling a little homebound today?  Not suprising with the icy conditions of our roads this morning.  Let's make lemonade out of lemons or snowangels of out snowbanks...or something like that.  Check out these amazingly beautiful icy wedding pictures.  Enjoy!


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Pantone Color of the Year: Radiant Orchid

by Jenny Bryde 19. May 2014 00:23

Each year the Pantone Paint company announces its choices for color of the year, and each year that hue becomes a trend setter, a hot new look, and a great option for a wedding palette!  Have you ever considered a deep purpley-pink as one of your wedding colors?  Because of the warm hue and the variance of colors that are naturally found in the beautiful orchid flower, using Radiant Orchid as a wedding color opens all kinds of opportunities for different shades and ombre gallore! Here are some inspiration pictures for you to ponder...


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Match the Find to the Wedding: Vintage Napkins

by Jenny Bryde 2. December 2012 00:33

I love coming across objects here and there and all around the square, and getting that feeling of "Oh my goodness, this would be PERFECT for a _____________ wedding!"  From one item, inspiration can errupt, and when you're planning a wedding, inspiration is key.  Today I was drooling over vintage linen napkins on Etsy.com, and I got that feeling several times.  Here are a few of the pretties that I found plus a picture of what kind of wedding I think they would fit best.










Click on any of the napkins above to go directly to the Etsy item.  Really you can find these kinds of napkins all over the place - estate sales, thrift shops, etc.  You could even make your own napkins if you were so inclined!  

What other items have you come across that have made you go hmmm....?

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Decor | Inspiration Boards | Jenny Bryde

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