Think Outside of the Hurricane Vase

by Jenny Bryde 22. December 2012 02:05

Working with any wedding rental company, you will find a variety of hurricane vases available for rental for on the relatively inexpensive side of the spectrum of rental rates.  Sometimes you can get them for under $10 a piece!  For a while, just about everyone in the world did the same thing with their hurricane vases - slapped a candle in them, put them on a shiny mirror, and called it a day.  This is a lovely look, but you may want your centerpieces to stand out a bit more.  Today, we're taking a look to see how we can use hurricane vases in a variety of different creative centerpieces by adding in some other elements...


Exhibit A - Wrapping burlap around the glass.  Personalize with your initials.


Exhibit B - Using textured items to fill and create a base for the candle - beans, seeds, etc.


Exhibit C - Fruits are so colorful and smell nice too!  

Exhibit D - More fruits...this time cranberries!  


Exhibit E - Add a wreath around the hurricane.  In this case ruffled burlap was used.  


So don't stop at what the rental companies have.  They will get you the vases, and that is your starting point.  Based on your tastes and overall design for your wedding, your hurricane vases can be turned into something unique and wonderful!

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