Hashtag Your Event!

by Jenny Bryde 27. July 2015 00:58

Looking around your wedding, you can quickly become overwhelmed if you try to take it all in: all the conversations, laughs, tears, hugs, and smiles.  If you have a tech savy crowd and would like to create a "back channel" for your event, consider coming up with your own hashtag.  Think about all the fun you'll have later reading messages and viewing pictures that your friends and families have posted with your very own hashtag.  You can try to make up your own, or you can hop over to Wedding Wire's really fun hashtag generator.  Click here to go directly there.  On the tool, they will have you enter some simple information, and then pow!  You can scroll through all the hashtags they come up with to find the right one for you!  Remember that you want your hashtag to be short enough and memorable so that people can quickly use it and still have room for their message.  You can include your hashtag in your invitations, programs, or signage at your wedding.  How fun!!


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