Haunted Hallowedding!

by Jenny Bryde 11. October 2015 19:03

It may or may not be your reality, but planning a haunted wedding is certainly fun!  Some couples have actually pulled it off.  Maybe they really love Halloween, maybe they live a little more dangerously than most, maybe they just thought it would be fun.  Whatever the reason, there are some seriously spooky wedding inspiration pics floating (get the ghost reference) out there for us to enjoy!  Take a look!  


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Bootiful Halloween Themed Wedding Inspiration Boards

by Jenny Bryde 31. October 2010 02:19

I think it's fun when couples add something unexpected or whimsical to their wedding decor.  Halloween is such a popular choice for brides and grooms because the old world spookyness can often lend itself to a nostalgic romantic look...if you can get past the spiders and dead things that is...

Check out these Halloween inspired inspiration boards.  They range from slight suggestion of a Halloween color palette to full on Halloween wedding extraveganza!  So, do they give you the chills in a good way or a bad way??



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Another Dose of Halloween Wedding Inspiration!

by Jenny Bryde 31. October 2009 03:57

Check out this Halloween inspiration board that I whipped up with these amazing pictures from the Better Homes and Garden website...


The best part is that if you go to the BHG website, you can make many of these projects, and they even provide step-by-step instructions! Fun!


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A Spooky Inspiration!

by Jenny Bryde 1. October 2009 01:18

Okay, it's officially October!  The air has a crisp quality, my leaves are starting to rustle, and Halloween is just lurking around the corner!  Do we have any gothic-themed brides and grooms out there?  This one's for you...


inspiration board from Wiley Valentine

amyatlas3.jpg image by designevolution

dessert table by Amy Atlas


inspiration board from It's A Jaime Thing

inspiration board from The Perfect Palette

Don't forget that we have some happily haunted locations for you to throw your wicked wedding:  

Skellington Manor would be the perfect backdrop to an October wedding...

Terror At Skellington Manor

And what about the Renwick Mansion in Davenport?

Does this post get those cobwebbed wheels going in your brain?  :)  Mwa ha ha ha ha....

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