Hair Extensions for Everybody?

by Jenny Bryde 19. May 2014 00:51

If you are like me, you suffer from fine locks that don't give a lot of umph unless you are prepared to shellack your head while hanging upside down from monkey bars.  For my wedding, I just remember that I kept telling the hair stylist, bless her soul, that I wanted my hair higher, higher, higher.  I just don't have "that" hair that is full of life and body from the moment that the birds sing their wake up song each morning.  

Because of this, when I was engaged, I investigated hair extensions.  I went to a high end local QCA salon, and was quoted $300-400 over the phone, but after an inperson consultation, I was quoted nearly $800 for an extension treatment that would last me approximately 3-6 months with costly maintenance and/or removal appointments to follow.  I balked and decided that hair extensions were not going to be something I could splurge on.  

I feel as though I didn't quite give extensions a fair shot, however.  I really only went to one location and then was shell shocked enough to stop my investigation there.  I wonder what extensions cost around the QCA.  I wonder how many of us would find a way to pay for them regardless of the cost.  I thought some before/after pics might help start this conversation in your head of hair.  

Keep in mind that not all hair extensions treatments result in a perfect head of hair.  You have to have the right product in the hands of the right person, otherwise your hair will look obviously fake and simply ridiculous.  Here are some examples of hair extensions done well.



Want to go from straight to curly?  

From regular volume to mega volume?

From short to super long?


Another example of going from short to super length...


What do you think?  Is it worth hundreds of dollars to get this done for your wedding day?  If you're interested, I highly suggest shopping around, getting reviews from locals, and asking to see a salon's before/after album of extensions.  There are all kinds of looks you could go for, and maybe this is something worth while for your wedding locks!



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