The 5 C's of Diamond Shopping

by Jenny Bryde 11. June 2013 07:14

I hear that diamonds are a girl's best friend.  

This would explain why sometimes diamonds hide things and lie to you while other times they are brilliant and complimentary.  Today's post is all about what to look for when shopping for a diamond.  You want one that is worth the hefty price tag that always accompanies a diamond purchase, so it's important to know what you are looking for.  


There are 5 C's of Diamond Shopping, and I'm going to break them down for you:


Cut - This factor is determined by how well and in what style the diamond was cut.  The goal is to have as much sparkle as possible, and the more facets or sides of a diamond, the more sparkle.  Cut ratings show the quality of cut of the diamond.  

Clarity - Get out your microscope and take a look at your diamond.  Throughout the production of a diamond, there can be miniscule flaws that are formed which may not be visible to the naked eye but will impact how much a diamond sparkles.  

Color - While there are pink, yellow, and blue diamonds available, most couples opt for a white diamond when looking at engagement rings.  Basically, the whiter the white, the better the rating.  The color white incorporates all colors of the spectrum, and so a white diamond reflects and sparkles much more than a diamond that has a tinge of color.  

Carat Weight - This is the term used when measuring the size of a diamond.  Large diamonds are much more rare than smaller ones, so as a diamond increases in size, so does the price tag by an increasing rate.  

The Fifth C is for Certificate because if you are shopping for a diamond, the vendor should also be able to provide to you a certificate from a qualified diamond professional who knows how to look for cut, clarity, color, and carat weight.  Below is a chart showing the different ratings for diamonds.  



Happy shopping!!!

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