Wedding Party Shots - Live it Up!

by Jenny Bryde 26. August 2013 00:18

Yes, you'll want that picture where everyone is looking at the camera, shoulder to shoulder, and smiling like it's school picture day, but don't stop there!  There are tons of opportunities to get your wedding party to shake things up!  Today we are featuring some non-traditional wedding party shots that we love!  Easily recreated and totally fun, can you make these happen?


First up, forget posing.  Just get a great relaxed picture where your friends are being friendly!


Red rover, red rover, anyone?  Maybe they aren't playing the classic children's game, but this picture with linked arms defintely shows the friendship in this group!


A la Kardashians, I love this picture where some are sitting, some are standing, and all have a bit of sass up their sleeves. 


My new favorite shot!  It's hard for your photographer to get a shot of the couple kissing with friends and family in the background, so this couple recreated that moment later.  Super fun!


Take a look from a different angle.  How about a family or group shot where the couple is in the foreground, and the rest of the crew are milling around in the back.  Drinks in hand a plus!


Standing still is for the birds.  This wedding party took a stroll down a side street, and the picture looks amazing!


Nothing more beautiful than the bride and her gals just being effortlessly beautiful.  All smiles, nothing forced.  I love it!


Another great pic of linked arms and lots of smiles!  No need to be straight faced here!


Again, chat with your photographer for ideas you might have for your group shots.  There are lots of great ideas floating out there that let your wedding party showcase their personalities and frienships!

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